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Important News

Important News

Term 3 Commences for Students

REMINDER: School returns for students on Wednesday 22nd July.  Students can view their timetable via SEQTA (see photo “SEQTA Learn - Student Timetable”).  Should your child be absent from school, please note the new absentee SMS (0436 282 030) and email address (



Effective from the 19th July 2020 there have been some changes to Route 501.


Transperth will be renumbering the Route 501 to Route 915 (there will be no change to the route alignment).



Effective from the 19th July 2020 there have been some changes to Route 501. Transperth will be renumbering the Route 501 to Route 915 (there will be no change to the route alignment).


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Associate Principals

Associate Principal - Sub School Years 11 to 12

Mr Rex Lilleyman

Years 11 and 12 are exciting, challenging and, on occasion, daunting years for students and parents. It is the role of the staff at the school to support students and parents in navigating their way through the important decisions that need to be made over this period. Our goal is for students to leave Applecross Senior High School having been exposed to a range of appropriate and motivating choices and opportunities. We at all times would like to encourage close communication between students, parents, and teachers. We are all aiming for the same outcome with students being as well prepared as possible for the next stage of their lives whether it be a further study or entering the workforce.
 The research clearly shows that success in Senior School is not entirely linked to a student’s IQ. Researchers have identified ‘grit’ as being the key determining factor in whether individuals will achieve success in any given situation. Parents play a crucial role in supporting students to develop ‘grit’. Together with staff, parents can encourage students to be accountable for their decision-making and for their own performance. We believe in creating a learning environment that supports and nurtures students while encouraging them to develop a growth mindset and a willingness to embrace challenges.
Students will face challenges as they navigate the final two years of their secondary schooling. The school has significant resources dedicated to supporting students through these times. Myself, the Program Coordinator and Year Coordinators for the Year 11 and 12 Sub School are all available to assist students. In addition, we have support staff such as a School Psychologist, Chaplain, and Nurse who can provide support specific to their areas of expertise. At Applecross Senior High School, we actively encourage students to take responsibility for communication with staff, meeting deadlines and, for many of our students, engaging in the workplace. This period of preparation for life after secondary education is vital in establishing positive habits and behaviours. We want students to enjoy the Upper School experience as well as meeting all the academic expectations that are required during these years. Applecross Senior High School students have a long history of academic success and an enviable record in community service. We believe in preparing students to succeed in life – not just in their exams.



Associate Principal - Sub School Years 9 to 10

Ms Toni Jones

The key to successful students is the establishment of positive relationships between parents, staff and students. These relationships are built upon via regular communication between all parties involved. Communication with parents will be maintained through various platforms including, parent interview sessions, email and telephone. Information for the individual year groups will be communicated through Connect, Academy, the Parent Update and our school Facebook page. As student progress through these middle years, it is important that they begin to develop their self-management skills by keeping abreast of events and information relevant to their learning.

Students in Years 9 and 10, often align strongly with their peer groups and may begin to question established conventions, practices and values. Their interests extend well beyond their communities, and they begin to develop concerns about wider issues. Students' interest in the natural, social, cultural and technological world is often related to the impact on them personally and can help them in their current and future lives. They also begin to develop an interest in particular fields of knowledge or endeavour for the personal satisfaction these fields provide.
As students' grow more independent and peer-group orientation requires guidance and support by providing opportunities for them to participate in important forms of decision making within the classroom and school to enable them to work with others. Through such rich experiences, students assume increased responsibilities, develop decision-making skills, explore values and further refine their social and collaborative work skills.
To facilitate student independence, a greater emphasis will be placed on differentiating learning programs to cater to the individual student. Providing opportunities for all students to investigate career opportunities, thereby enabling them to make informed choices about Senior School course selections is pivotal in this sub-school space. Students in the Year 9-10 sub-school will be exposed to Tertiary Institutions, Trade Training Centres and TAFE.
Underpinning the Year 9-10 Sub-school is the ongoing social and emotional support provided by our Student Services team. Student development and wellbeing continues to be our number one school priority, and as such, significant resources have been put in place to support student growth.


Associate Principal - Sub School Years 7 to 8

Mr Paul Currie

In my role as Associate Principal of the Year 7 and 8 Sub School at Applecross SHS, I have oversight on the social emotion and academic growth for students in years 7 to 8 sub-school. I am tasked with the responsibility of ensuring every student in the Sub School feel safe and happy at Applecross Senior High School. Our team has a strong understanding of the young adolescent phase of learning and we work hard to ensure a smooth seamless transition into and out of the Sub School. Students will develop very strong skills to prepare them for upper school with the capacity to focus on their appropriate pathway, study effectively and respond positively to teacher and Student Services feedback.
In order to achieve this, I work closely with a large team of Student Services and Curriculum Leaders ensuring that every child’s developmental needs are met. I attend the regular Student Services meetings at which all students are monitored and tracked by the team. I am also a key member of both the Whole School Literacy and the ICT committees, particularly focussing on preparing students for NAPLAN in Years 7 and 9. This large team provides a learning environment designed to specifically meet the needs of students in Years 7 and 8 as they move through this challenging stage. The Junior School program will provide students with solid educational foundations with a strong focus on literacy and numeracy, to support good NAPLN achievement in Year 9. Students in the junior school will be engaged in a range of Citizenship, Academic, Sporting and Leadership opportunities
The big challenge during this phase is for parents and teachers is to work together to ensure our lower school students become skilled in self-management. Our attention to Positive Education in identifying and building on the strengths of each individual is a key ingredient in the success that Applecross SHS enjoys.
I look forward to having very positive relationships with parents. I intend to establish these through parent information evenings, parent and teacher interview sessions and also through email and telephone. I believe that for any child to reach their potential in their schooling, we must have a strong and positive relationship with their parents. Therefore, I will be working with many parent focus groups to develop confidence and build positive relationships.


Associate Principal - Staffing and Resourcing

Ms Glenys Campbell

As the school has grown, my involvement with students has been reduced and the largest part of my role now revolves around the teaching staff: employment, induction, professional learning, teaching loads, etc and the construction of the annual timetable. There is a lot of work “behind the scenes” to ensure that student learning is catered for appropriately and that the school’s resources are used efficiently and equitably to maximise our capacity to achieve good outcomes for all students. Because the timetable is central to the school’s operation, I have broad involvement with all the Learning Areas and staff in the school.
I spend a large part of the second half of each year working to create the timetable for the following year; recruiting staff and managing leave. My aim is always to support our teachers so that they are given the best opportunity to work effectively with their classes. While there are many constraints to what can be done, it is always satisfying to be in a position to assist people when possible
As a school of choice, for both students and teachers, we have the benefit of very stable teaching staff. Over the past five years, our goal at Applecross Senior High School has been to employ the very best teachers available through a statewide selection process.
We know empirically that effective teachers have a direct impact in improving student learning and the school’s Business Plan specifically prioritises Teaching and Learning. To support this, I have a leading role in organising professional learning opportunities for our teachers. The current focus is to implement a whole school teaching framework, based around AVID principles, in an endeavour to maximise the capacity of our teachers to improve student learning. As such, this has been a focus in my work recently.