Identification, Library and SmartRider Card

All students are issued a new SmartRider card in Year 7 and Year 11 as part of the school fees budget. Cards are printed plastic and should last for four school years if treated the same as any bank, credit or access card. Replacements due to loss, damage or defacement are to be paid for by the students at the cost of $5.00 (inc GST).  Students must pay at the Finance Office and present their receipt at the Library for the card to be ordered. The card is now a multi-purpose identification card containing a photo and various functions for student concession and safety. Inclusion of the birthdate enables students to use it as proof of age at outside venues. Library loans are completed using the card.


All students are required to have an ID card with their photo for identification and security, particularly when out in the school areas open to public access. With such a large school population, it is impossible for teachers to know everyone, so students may be asked to identify themselves to staff. Students will also use the card for our student attendance system.

Library Loans

A resource is only lent to a student who has their identification card. Borrowing by a student for another student on their card is not allowed, and if caught doing so, their borrowing rights will be suspended. Borrowers retain responsibility for damage or loss to library resources. This is a strict policy as parents are generally reluctant to pay for books lost by other people’s children.

Photocopying and Printing

If students wish to use the photocopier in the Library, they must use their SmartRider card. The card activates the tap and go photocopying function. Money can be loaded onto the card before school or at breaktimes, but not in class time. No cash copying is available in the Library, and all transactions are handled at the Finance Office, including adding money to Paper Cut printing accounts.