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Executive Team | Administration Team | The Arts | Business & Information Technology | English | Health & Physical Education | Humanities and Social Sciences | Languages | Mathematics | Science | Technologies | VET (Vocational Education and Training) and Workplace Learning | Library | Student Services

Executive Team

Paul Leech

Associate Principal (Years 7-8)
Paul Currie

Associate Principal (Years 9-10)
Toni Jones

Associate Principal (Years 11-12)
Rex Lilleyman

Associate Principal (Staffing and Resourcing)
Glenys Campbell

Manager Corporate Services
Rachael Ainge

Administration Team

Relief Coordinator
Jan Michell

Business Support Officer
Rebecca McInnes

Administrative Support Officer
Kerry Date

School Officers
Susan Alderdice
Nicole Hinton
Sue Jacobs
Jenna Jarvis
Janine Jenkins
Michelle Johns
Amanda MacDonald
Christine O’Sullivan
Marta Pitaro
Jo Rich
Angela Treloar
Natasha Wilson

Network Support Officer
Chun Lim

The Arts

Head of Learning Area
Steve Armitstead

Line Manager
Paul Currie

Dance and Drama

Teacher in Charge
Angela Zaknich

Clare Talbot


Head of Music, Class Music Teacher & Scimitar String Orchestra Conductor
Tim Stapleton

Class Music Teacher & Concert Band 1 Conductor
Christine Stapleton

Teachers – School of Instrumental Music
Chris Booth – Percussion Teacher and Concert Band 2 Conductor
Stephanie Hales – Flute Teacher
Paul Hines – Classical Guitar Teacher and Guitar Ensembles Conductor
Kaye Ihms – Clarinet Teacher
Nigel McIntyre – Brass Teacher
Rachel Morris – Cello Teacher
Steven Richards – Double Bass Teacher
Christie Sheehan – Voice Teacher
Mark Sprogowski – Saxophone Teacher
Theo Triantopoulos – Viola Teacher
Tashana Tweddle – Violin and Viola Teacher and Cygnet String Orchestra Conductor

Visual Arts

Gifted and Talented Education Co-ordinator: Visual Art
Fleur De Campi

Ros Cadee
Anthony McAndrew
Nicole Ryan
Joanne Sweetman

Technical Officer
Lisa Colbourne

Business & Information Technology


Glyn Barber
Marian Birtwistle
Jocasta Collier
Andrew Lewis
Julie Reed


Head of Learning Area
Peter Count

Line Manager
Toni Jones

Natalie Campbell
Lenni Cornejo
Emma Coyne
Kim Darling
Kathie Donovan
Anna Edwards – Teacher in Charge Years 9-10
Clyde Goodenough
Sue Kovocevic
Vera Miller
Hayley Myors
Chris Raich
Nataly Reeve
Anya Seabourne
Greg Shenker – Teacher in Charge Years 7-8
Lachlan Silberstein
Graeme Stanton
Christine Stapleton

English as an Additional Language or Dialect
Cheryl Grosse

Health and Physical Education

Head of Learning Area
Phil Samanek

Line Manager
Toni Jones

Teacher in Charge – Specialist Tennis
Lance Hinds

Chelsea Church
Jana Gianotti
Michael Laycock
Cristy Lowe
Cathy Lyon
Jan Michell
Ebony Morrison
Kristen Nairn
Cheng Saw
Robert Sciascia
Adrian Uppill

Humanities and Social Sciences

Head of Learning Area
Wayne Lloyd

Line Manager
Rex Lilleyman

Andrew Belotti
Lorna Bade
Tracee Bosman
Grant Dennes
Ray Dickson
Charissa Efthyvoulos
Melanie Gimblett
Madeleine Howroyd
Wayne Houden
Ben Kelly
Heather Mogridge
Claire Mowday
Bridget Trevaskis – Teacher in Charge Years 7-10
Ilsa Wallner
Nick Wilding
Andrew Wilson


Head of Learning Area
Steve Armitstead

Line Manager
Paul Currie

Teacher in Charge – French
Charisma Valerie

Teachers – French
Mael Coret
Melissa Ilett

Teacher in Charge – Japanese
Sumika Nishikawa

Teachers – Japanese
Craig Murray

Language Assistant
Mani Hibino
Claire Marriott
Carole Metrot


Head of Learning Area
Robert Nesa

Line Manager
Glenys Campbell

Richard Bellis
Andrew Belotti
Damen Bradbury
Naomi Coffey
Murray Coleman
Candace Dalby
Sarah Davis
Christopher de Haer – Teacher in Charge Years 9-10
Brendan Falvey
Anthony Grasso
Chris Hughes
Huw Macey
Jenny Potier
Damien Robinson
Lely Thamrin
Chris Waddell – Teacher in Charge Years 7-8


Head of Learning Area
Aniela Wooldridge

Line Manager
Rex Lilleyman

Ken Bell
Rick Boelen
Damen Bradbury
Edgar Cooper
James Hoyland – Teacher in Charge Years 9-10
Ji Hae Kim – Teacher in Charge Years 7-8
Helen Lancaster
Alex McKinnon
Jeff Mengler
Anthony Murphy
Gary Naude
Robert Neumann
Emily Postlethwaite
Raymond Raphael
Dave Roberts
Stephanie Robertson
Stuart Shields

Laboratory Assistants
Amutha Batumalai
Petra Bauer
Jane Loveday
Tina Raphael


Head of Learning Area
Simon Entwistle

Line Manager
Paul Currie

Technology and Enterprise

Teacher in Charge
Jocasta Collier

Andrey Hontscharenko
Barry Lane
Simon Wende

Home Economics

Teacher in Charge
Taryn Smith

Kerriann Henderson
Astrid Jackson
Elizabeth Morgan
Helen Strom
Jacqui Snyder

Home Economics Assistants
Gayle Elkington
Tanya Healy
Normita Mattarocchia

VET (Vocational Education and Training) and Workplace Learning

VET Manager
Melinda Kennington

VET and Workplace Learning Support Officer
Cathy Coleman


Program Manager Literacy Support
Naomi Kerr

Library Officers
Kerri Gur
Donna Payton

Student Services

Year 7 Coordinator
Ben Kelly

Year 8 Coordinator
Hayley Myors

Year 9 Coordinator
Candace Dalby

Year 10 Coordinator
Ebony Morrison

Year 11 Coordinator 
Lenni Cornejo

Year 12 Coordinator 
Lachlan Silberstein

Program Coordinator (Years 7-8)
Lee Jarvinen

Program Coordinator (Years 9-10)
Brad Snell

Program Coordinator (Years 11-12)
Jenny Casserly

Learning Support Coordinator
Alex McKinnon

Aimee Munyard
Andrew Saxton

Community Health Nurse
Pauline Chambers

First Aid Officer
Mona Zammar

School Psychologist
Yvette Tormey

Education Assistants
Sarah Gooding
Lexie Goerling
Shammie Hossain-Khan
Lisa Mathers
Dale Langenbach
Linda Mezger
Sara Morris
Diana Pensini
Robyn Scarterfield
Emma Slade
Mona Zammar