Lower School

Most students will complete mainstream English. Those in mainstream identified as particularly strong may be selected for Accelerated English to extend their skills and abilities. Entry to the Academic Extension classes is determined through testing (usually in Grade 6) and these classes are reserved for particularly gifted English students. There is some scope for movement between the Extension and Accelerated classes. Students who struggle with literacy may be given the option to forego their two periods of language classes each week so that they can receive targeted literacy instruction.

Upper School

Historically, most students at Applecross choose ATAR English with a view to university entrance. To qualify, students should be receiving A/B grades in Year 10 and have pre-qualified for OLNA (Band 8 or better in Reading and Writing in Year 9 NAPLAN). Students with a passion for English and Literature can choose to study Literature. The entry requirements are the same as for ATAR English. There are far more pathways to university entrance than used to exist. Many students would find studying General English an easier option. This is the subject of choice for students intending to further their studies at TAFE or enter the workforce. English as an Additional Dialect or Language (EALD) is offered in Upper School. EALD has strict eligibility requirements which parents are advised to check with the EALD staff.