Visual Arts Parents Group

The Gifted and Talented (GAT) Visual Art Parents’ Committee plays a significant and active role in supporting the GAT Visual Arts Program. Parental involvement contributes considerably to the success of the program and helps to foster a strong sense of community.

The Committee provides assistance in the following capacities:

  • Services to students, including improvements to visual arts facilities and/or equipment.
  • Support to teachers and tutors, including assistance with exhibitions and other arts events.
  • Student encouragement and incentives in the form of prizes and awards.
  • Visual Arts advocacy.
  • Consultation and expertise for special projects.
  • Fund raising initiatives.


ConvenorAnnette Latto
Vice ConvenorVaness Chatel-Kemp
TreasurerGina Chua
SecretaryCatherine Pattenden
Canteen CoordinatorsAnnette Latto
Vanessa Chatel-Kemp


General meetings of the GAT Visual Art Parents’ Committee are held once per term on a Saturday morning, commencing at 11.30 am.


For further information, please contact Annette Latto 0434 768 623 or