The School Board and P&C has endorsed the School Uniform Policy that:

  • every student will wear all items of school uniform
  • students arriving at school will be clean and neatly dressed
  • uniform items are purchased from the School Uniform Shop

The Applecross Senior High School uniform has been designed by students, parents and staff so that it is comfortable, affordable and attractive and continual review of the uniform is undertaken to ensure this is the case.

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is run off site and offers for sale the full range of student uniforms for Applecross Senior High School. The shop is located at;

30 Kembla Way, Willetton, WA 6155

Phone:  9270 4669

Email:  willetton@uc.nellgray.com.au

Website: https://www.nellgray.com.au/Schools/Applecross-Senior-High-School

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm, Thursday until 6pm and Saturday 9am – 1pm.

Second Hand Uniforms

The P&C has brought back the Second Hand Uniform Shop.

The P&C runs an online Second Hand Uniform shop. The aim is to provide good quality uniforms that are no longer required at a flat fee. The funds generated will be used to support Student Services in providing health and wellbeing services to our students. For more information, please visit us at – https://axshsuniforms.com.au/