School Board

As an independent public school, Applecross Senior High School is required to have a School Board. The School Board operates according to the School Education Act 1999. The objectives of the School Board include:

  • To comply with governance regulations and code of conduct;
  • Actively contribute to decision making and provide strategic direction to the development of the school business plan and objectives;
  • Note and approve Financial, Policy and Regulation matters where appropriate;
  • Publish regular summaries of school board business on the school website and parent update;
  • Participate in school events and be known to the school community;
  • Reflect on the value of the School Board by seeking regular feedback on the effectiveness of meetings, inclusiveness of discussions;
  • Ensure the composition of board members truly reflects the diversity of the Applecross SHS school community;
    Implementation of the school’s business plan (maybe this is covered by the Principal’s report)
  • Actively participate in any risk identification such as health and safety considerations and ensure there is a plan to mitigate; and
  • Promote the recognition of Staff and Students through awards for excellent performance or contribution.

See the link for more info on the Role of the School Board.

Members of the School Board for 2023 include: 

ChairAndrew Dwyer
SecretaryGeoff Cooper
PrincipalPaul Leech
Executive OfficerAngie Thomas
MembersDavid Chen
Melissa Clarke
Lorraine Hammond
Wayne Houden
Katie Kumasaka
Ebony Morrison
Adeline Teh
Rob Thompson
Denham Pearse – School Captain
Ellie McFarlane – School Captain


School Board Terms of Reference