Wellbeing Team and Support Services

Program Coordinators

Ms Jenny Casserly (Years 7-8), Mr Brad Snell (Years 9-10), Ms Ebony Morrison (Years 11-12)

Program Coordinators work closely with Associate Principals to coordinate the Student Services team in all planning and operations to fulfil our vision of monitoring and progressing each student’s academic, social and emotional development.

Provide support to students and parents concerning all students’ education at Applecross Senior High School.

Monitor and plan for improvements in achievement for all students using data.

Reward and acknowledge positive efforts and contributions by students.

Year Coordinators

Nick Evernden (Year 7) Cassy Ludowyk (Year 8), Rebecca Hansen (Year 9), Lachlan Silberstein (Year 10), Kim Beurs (Year 11), Lenni Cornejo (Year 12)

Year Coordinators teach a partial timetable and are therefore happy to return calls and emails in the designated Student Services time. If it is urgent, please contact a Program Coordinator

They are responsible for students’ pastoral care by monitoring the academic, social and emotional progress of students in their year groups. This knowledge is then handed over to the next coordinator at the end of the two-year cycle.

They provide leadership to the group, develop a student leadership body, promote effective communication and plan social events to bring the year groups together as cohesive and cooperative groups.

Our Year Coordinators encourage all students to achieve their personal best. Year Coordinators communicate with parents about any concerns with attendance, achievement or behaviour so that plans can be put in place to engage the student more effectively.

School Psychologist: Yvette Tormey

The School Psychologist primarily assists the school in optimising student’s academic and personal skills development to meet their potential. Assistance is provided across the following domains: Mental Health and Wellbeing Learning, Behaviour, and Social and Emotional Development. The School Psychologist supports staff (school planning and procedures) and students (counselling and classroom strategies). Targeted strategies and outcomes for students are developed and refined through parent consultations, staff and student consultations, liaison with intra-agency consultants and external support specialists.

School Chaplain: Andrew Saxton, Marisa Mews and Dale Langenbach

Support young people and parents in times of need using a spiritual philosophy.

Build a sense of caring and community within the school and develop a Christian service ethos to other people.

Also manages the mentoring program for young people.

School Nurse: Belinda Laing-Hughes and Amelia Hardwick

Identify and work with students who have ongoing physical and mental health issues as part of the Student Services team.

Prepare care plans for students with health issues such as anaphylaxis, asthma, diabetes, etc.

Provide health education for students and staff to establish a proactive approach to self-management and adult behaviours.

Provide health assessments, first aid and counselling.

Act as a resource and link for young people to access outside agencies for health issues.

Learning Support Coordinator: Megan Porter

The Learning Support Coordinator supports staff in planning, delivering, monitoring, assessing, and evaluating differentiated teaching and learning programs that meet students’ educational needs with disabilities and learning difficulties.

They consult, support and collaborate with staff, parents and outside agencies. Building the capacity of staff enables the school to deliver differentiated programs to students with diverse learning needs and ensures they access the curriculum on the same basis as students without disabilities and learning difficulties.

Proactive Wellbeing initiatives offered at Applecross SHS

  • Positive Education
  • Be You framework
  • Planning for Success Program
  • RRRR Program
  • Personal Best-Armed for Life, Surf Online Safe etc
  • Student leadership opportunities
  • Social Events
  • Celebration days
  • House competitions and activities

External Support

Many community agencies and support groups are available outside of school, including headspace, Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Community Health Services, and private counselling services.

Suitable services can be identified through your GP, recommendations or searching the web. The local headspace is often a good place to start, and they offer free or low-cost services. This link will help you find your nearest headspace centre.

Confidential services are also available via the services below, with many online resources available.