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Important News

Important News

Year 9 Netball Lightning Carnival

The Year 9 Netball Lightning Carnival was held on Wednesday 20th June at Frank Gibson Park. AXSHS had 3 teams participating in the competition.


The girls had a great day competing and the weather held out for them – we even got some sunshine in the afternoon.




Over the past week our Year 12 Human Biology students have had the opportunity to visit the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research as part of the Biotechnology section of the course.


Year 9 Soccer Lightning Carnival

The girls soccer carnival proved to be a success once again this year. The heavy fog that riddled the grounds soon lifted to allow fierce competition to take its place.


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Pastoral Care

Positive relationships with students are developed by our experienced staff’s stability and long term commitment to the school. Clearly articulated expectations for behaviour result in a calm and respectful tone and students who are engaged in their learning.

We have an experienced Student Services team who support and work in partnership with parents. The team consists of three Heads of Student Services, a Chaplain, Community Nurse, School Psychologist, a Program Co-ordinator Yrs 7 - 8, Program Co-ordinator Yrs 9 - 10, Program Co-ordinator Yrs 11 - 12. They provide students with academic support and monitoring, counselling, health and well-being advice, and mentoring.

The Program Co-ordinators have specific responsibility for developing within their students a strong sense of belonging, self worth, civic responsibility, cooperation, justice and community. They know what is going on in their students’ school life on a daily basis. The Program Co-ordinator is often the first point of contact when a parent wishes to communicate with the school.

The House System

The House System at Applecross Senior High School is an important part of pastoral care for all students. It provides students with a sense of belonging, comradery and identity during their time at Applecross. The House System offers each student a wonderful opportunity to get to know and make new friends.

When a student enrols at Applecross Senior High School they are allocated to one of the four Houses. They remain in that House while they are studying at Applecross. Students and staff are equally divided into the four houses.

Students are provided with a range of cooperative and competitive cultural and sporting activities to participate, learn new skills and gain confidence. House points are awarded through the following:

House point tickets, Care Group House Competitions, Year Group House Competitions, National level competition award, State or local level competition award, Athletics and Swimming Carnivals.

There are four Houses at Applecross Senior High School:


Named after the ship, Amity, that established the first British settlement at King George Sound in Western Australia. The party, under the command of Major Edmund Lockyer, landed at present day Albany on 26 December 1826.

House colour: Red


Named after the twenty six gun frigate, HMS Challenger, which was the first ship to arrive in a fleet of three ships sent out from Britain to establish a colony at the Swan River in Western Australia.

House colour: Blue


Named after the ship, HMS Investigator, which explored the coastline of Western Australia. The voyage of discovery occurred during the period 1801 – 1803, under the command of Captain Matthew Flinders.

House colour: Green


Named after the twenty eight gun frigate, HMS Success, which explored the Swan River and Western Australia under the command of Captain James Stirling in 1829.

House colour: Yellow