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Important News

Important News

2020 Year 12 Final Awards Assembly

This morning we held the Final Assembly for our Year 12 students. Congratulations to those students who won subject awards today. Congratulations also to our Year 12 Councillors for their tireless work around the school this year.

Subject Award Winners


Students return date for Term 4


School returns for students in Year 7-11 on Tuesday 13th October.

Year 12 ATAR students return to school on Wednesday 14th October.

Term 3 Commences for Students

REMINDER: School returns for students on Wednesday 22nd July.  Students can view their timetable via SEQTA (see photo “SEQTA Learn - Student Timetable”).  Should your child be absent from school, please note the new absentee SMS (0436 282 030) and email address (


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Student Attendance Policy and Procedure

Since 2008, education and/or training is compulsory for students until the end of the year in which they turn 17. Under legislation it is the duty of the parent/carer to ensure that a student of compulsory school age is enrolled and attends school or a registered training institution.


Regular attendance is essential to assist students to maximise their learning potential. The probability of success in learning is strongly linked to regular attendance equal or greater than 90%.

Applecross Senior High School:

  • Believes that students enrolled must attend all day on every school day
  • Monitors, communicates and implements strategies to improve a student’s attendance in consultation and with support from carers
  • Believes truanting could place a student in an unsafe situation
  • Gives detentions to those students who choose to deliberately miss classes and jeopardise their learning opportunities
  • Notifies parents of any truancy breaches


 Indicators of students at risk are:

  • Frequent lateness
  • Leaving school without permission (truancy)
  • Unexplained absences


Parents/carers will be contacted if the student is deemed to be at risk due to poor attendance by the Student Services Management team.


Student Attendance Procedures


All students are expected to:

  • be at school during their normal timetabled hours, or
  • be absent only with their parents’ or the school's permission


Students are expected to attend school on all days including sports carnivals and excursion days. Punctuality in arrival at school is a requisite. Hours of attendance at Applecross Senior High School are 8:20am-2:50pm unless students have a Period 6 class under a flexible timetable arrangement in Senior School.


We strongly discourage parents from taking planned holidays during term time. The school strongly encourages scheduled school holidays for personal holiday planning.


Applecross Senior High School acknowledges that holidays are an enriching experience, but by law, every student is expected to attend school every day. Teachers are not obliged to accommodate students on holiday with learning programs. Catch up work will be provided when a student is absent in the case of illness.


Parents who wish to take students out of school for the purpose of a family holiday for longer than two school days are required to apply to Mr Paul Currie, Associate Principal Years 7-8, Ms Toni Jones, Associate Principal Years 9-10 or Mr Rex Lilleyman, Associate Principal Years 11-12 .



Students who are absent from school for an entire day

Students who are absent from school for an entire day must bring a note of explanation as soon as they return.  This note should clearly state the student’s first name, surname, homeroom, the date(s) and reason for the absence. The note must be given in to reception within the Student Services building. Parents are requested to ring the school by 9.30am on the day of their child’s absence or alternately send an SMS to 0436 282 030 or email


Students late to school

Students late to school are expected to report to the Student Services Centre with a note or alternately send an SMS to 0436 282 030 or email, have their name recorded and receive a docket which enables them to enter their class. The use of the Student SmartRider is used to record their attendance through the attendance kiosk. If there is no acceptable reason (see list of acceptable reasons below), the student will be given a detention for lunchtime that day.

  1. Medical Appointment (must be accompanied by a note/SMS/email or phone call from a parent)
  2. Illness (verified by the parent)
  3. Approved Educational Activity


Students needing to leave during the day

Students needing to leave during the day are expected to bring a parent’s note or alternately send an SMS to 0436 282 030 or email stating permission to leave, which outlines the reason and the time the student needs to leave

  • Report to the Student Services Centre prior to school or during recess/lunch time, have their name recorded and receive a Leave Pass from the reception desk. The student’s SmartRider is used to sign out through the kiosk.
  • Sign in at the Student Services Centre if they return to school later that day
  • Parents are to report to the School’s Administration building and sign in prior to collecting their child.  Students will meet their parent in the School’s Administration building.;
Students who do not meet the minimum attendance requirements

The school will support students who do not meet the minimum attendance requirements in one or more of the following ways:

  • The student will meet with the Year Coordinator to discuss possible issues surrounding attendance
  • Parents will be invited to an informal meeting
  • Parents and students will be invited to attend an Individual Attendance Plan (IAP) meeting
  • The student may be referred to the Student Engagement Team at regional office for further support and strategies to improve attendance
  • Monitoring and review of attendance, and subsequent meetings including an invitation to convene and participate in an Attendance Panel


Failure to adequately engage with the Student Services Management team on issues to improve attendance and therefore jeopardise educational outcomes may result in regional office being invited to offer further support in the home and school through outside agency referrals.


Illness or injury at school

If your child falls ill or is injured whilst at school, the School Nurse will contact the Parent/ Guardian listed on our records to come and collect their child. Students are not to call home on their mobile phone, or leave the school premises without the School Nurse’s permission and a parent or designated guardian arrives to collect them.

Parents are to report to the School’s Administration building and sign in prior to collecting their child from the medical centre. All students must sign out of the school through the student services kiosk in reception.