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Important News

Important News

Applecross SHS Speed Careering Event

Following on from the success of 2016, Speed Careering at Applecross SHS is on again!  Any parents/guardians willing to share their work/career experiences are encouraged to attend.


Speed Careering – Presenter information and tips


House Athletics Carnival - Important Information

Applecross Senior High School’s House Athletics Carnival will be held on the school oval on Friday 8 September 2017. Please be advised that all Year 7 and 8 students will be attending the Carnival, therefore normal classes will be suspended for these year groups.

Poetry in Action

Year Nine students and Year Eleven Literature and Twelve English students were treated to a high octane performance of poetry on Friday 18August.


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Applecross Senior High School has developed this Behaviour Management Policy to ensure that a safe, supportive and caring learning environment is created for all students, while fostering self-discipline, self-motivation and self-respect.

The Policy complies with the values and regulations within

  • The School Education Act 1999
  • The National Safe Schools Framework
  • The Outcomes and Standards Framework

This policy will be reviewed annually.

The Procedures to implement the policy meet the requirements in the School Education Act 1999 for

  • Access - the right to education for every student
  • Choice - freedom to choose education providers
  • Partnerships - parents, students and staff work together
  • Equity – adjusting assessments and procedures to meet individual students’ circumstances

Decisions, consequences and sanctions derived from the policy and procedures, comply with the principles of

  • Procedural fairness
  • Rule against bias - impartiality, objectivity and absence of prejudgement
  • Rule of opportunity to be heard - reasonable notice and opportunity is given to present participants’ points of view
  • Rule of evidence - records, both verbal and written, are completed and retained