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Important News

Important News

2020 Year 12 Final Awards Assembly

This morning we held the Final Assembly for our Year 12 students. Congratulations to those students who won subject awards today. Congratulations also to our Year 12 Councillors for their tireless work around the school this year.

Subject Award Winners


Students return date for Term 4


School returns for students in Year 7-11 on Tuesday 13th October.

Year 12 ATAR students return to school on Wednesday 14th October.

Term 3 Commences for Students

REMINDER: School returns for students on Wednesday 22nd July.  Students can view their timetable via SEQTA (see photo “SEQTA Learn - Student Timetable”).  Should your child be absent from school, please note the new absentee SMS (0436 282 030) and email address (


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Parent and Citizens Association

The Applecross Senior High School Parents and Citizens Association provides a forum where anyone interested in the welfare of students attending our school can meet to discuss educational issues.

The Objects of the Association are to promote the interests of Applecross Senior High School through:

  • cooperation between parents, teachers, students and members of the general community;
  • assisting in the provision of resources, facilities and amenities for the school; and
  • the fostering of community interest in educational matters.

The Parents and Citizens Association:

  • gives parents/guardians an opportunity to learn about the school’s policies and programs;
  • organises ways in which parents/guardians can share in shaping and developing school policies;
  • brings parents/guardians together to share information and views;
  • assists the school in building positive attitudes to students and their families; and
  • helps raise funds to provide extra resources.
Roll of Honour

Year President Secretary Treasurer
2019 A Hiles E Greenway D Woodman
2018 A Hiles A Latto D Woodman
2017 C Lavendar C Stading D Woodman
2016 C Lavender C Standing A Hiles
2015 D Brown A Bernedo C Lavender
2014 A Parsons A Bernedo C Lavender
2013 A Parsons K O’Donoghue C Lavender
2012 J Evans A Hansen C Lavender
2011 J Evans A Hansen E McAlindon
2010 M Jones A Buchanan K Goodman
2009 L Deutsch J Dobner K Goodman
2008 L Deutsch D Cook J Aston
2007 L Deutsch J Dobner J Aston
2006 T Hancock J Morrison R Gore
2005 T Hancock J Morrison R Gore
2004 R Rogerson D Olson R Gore
2003 R Rogerson J Lumsden R Gore
2002 R Rogerson J Lumsden R Gore
2001 T Hancock C Mayberry R Gore
2000 T Hancock C Mayberry R Malpartida
1999 D Zucaro C Mayberry I Wilson
1998 B Allen C Mayberry I Wilson
1997 B Allen F Glynn
C Mayberry
I Wilson
1996 I Chaku F Glynn
C Mayberry
J Blockely
1995 I Chaku    
1994 P Williamson N Marinovich I Chaku
Year President Vice President Vice President
1993 P Williamson R Marinovich I Chaku
1992 P Williamson R Weddikkara R Wroth
1991 S Kailis W Elliott B Harris
1990 S Kailis W Elliott B Harris
1989 B Ramsay W Elliott R Donald
1988 R Wroth R Donald G Wilshire
1987 K Paton T Bailey E W-Johnson
1986 K Paton T Bailey E W-Johnson
1985 K Paton T Bailey E W-Johnson
1984 T Bailey M Barrie D Urquhart
1983 T Bailey M Barrie D Urquhart
1982 T Bailey M Barrie D Urquhart
1981 H Everett S Dean R Dixon
1980 I Tweedie S Dean H Everett
1979 I Tweedie P Martin S Dean
1978 A Arrowsmith P Martin I Tweedie
1977 J Meachem A Arrowsmith P Martin
1976 R Parker J Meachem L Nicholls
1975 R Parker J Meachem E Cox
1974 L Rathmann J Meachem I Duncan
1973 L Rathmann J Meachem I Duncan
1972 A Kenny J Meachem I Duncan
1971 A Kenny C Pericles J Meachem
1970 D Hicks C Pericles J Meachem
1969 D Hicks K Mann C Pericles
1968 D Groves D Hicks K Mann
1967 R Brownell D Groves D Hicks
1966 R Brownell D Groves T Dean
1965 R Brownell H Bishop J Wilson
1964 PH Noad I Harris I Sharp
1963 RM Robson I Sharp I Harris
1962 C Dyson I Sharp I Harris
1961 JR Fletcher D Clegg  
2019 Committee

President Andy Hiles
Vice President Darrin Richards
Secretary Evelyn Greenway
Treasurer Debbie Woodman

General meetings of the Parents and Citizens Association are held in the Conference Room, commencing at 7:00 pm and concluding by 9:00pm. Dates for the Parents and Citizens Association meeting can be found by viewing the School Term Calendar.

Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop is now run off site and offers for sale the full range of student uniforms for Applecross Senior High School. The shop is located at;

3/9 Yampi Way, Willetton, WA 6155

Ph:  9270 4669   Email:

Opening Hours.  Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm (Thursday 6pm) Saturday 9am - 1pm



The Parents and Citizens Association have been involved in numerous projects to support the school.

  • Clean-up to school grounds.
  • Assistance and support of the School’s 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Upgrades to:

  • Area surrounding the swimming pool.
  • Gymnasium Foyer.
  • School PA system.
  • Rear entrance of the School.

Grants have been provided to:

  • School Library.
  • Music program.
  • Specialist Tennis.
  • Gifted and Talented Education: Visual Arts.
  • School Chaplain.
  • Senior School Tutorials.

For further information, please contact the Principal, Paul Leech.


Parents & Citizens

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