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Important News

Important News

National Summer Art Scholarship - National Gallery of Australia

Upon our return to school Perry gave us the news that he had been selected and attended the National Gal


Guest Speaker - Glen Gerreyn HOPEFUL INSTITUTE

On Friday 550 of our Year 7 and 8 students were able to be addressed by Glen from the Hopeful Institute on “Finding their Purpose”.

Year 9 and 10 Awards Assembly

Congratulations to the current Year 9 and 10 students who were recognised for their outstanding achievements in 2018.


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Good Standing Policy

This policy aims to recognise and assist all students to take responsibility for their actions and to encourage each to improve his or her general performance.

The outcome sought is for each student to maintain a consistent focus on their intended educational outcomes by responsibly carrying through all the requirements to achieve success. It is intended that all students will at all times maintain “Good Standing”.


All students will commence their school year with “Good Standing”, subject to the signing and return of the Acceptance Form.

Requirements for Maintaining Good Standing

  Good Standing requires: Loss of Good Standing will occur if:
Satisfactory Academic Progress - Completion of all requirements of their study program
- Submission of all homework, assignments and coursework
- Working cooperatively with teachers and others
- Working at a level which reflects the ability of the student
- Taking pride in the presentation of work.
- Three of more teacher reports of unsatisfactory scholastic progress are submitted to the Year Coordinator, or
- A negative semester report regarding academic application is issued.
Attendance and Punctuality - Regular and punctual attendance at school.
- Exceptions include school sanctioned functions or sickness covered by a doctor’s certificate or valid explanation from a parent.
- A student accumulates three detentions for late arrival at school.
- A student misses six periods of instruction time in one subject during one term without a valid explanation (truancy), or
- Accumulates the equivalent of two days without a medical certificate or valid parent explanation, in each term.
Acceptable Standards of Dress - Student dress is expected to meet the standard as described by the Applecross SHS Dress Code - A student receives a Dress Pass for unacceptable dress, on more that two occasions in one term where parents have not contacted the school.
Acceptable Behaviour - Student behaviour is within the guidelines of the Applecross SHS Code of Conduct - A student’s behaviour is such that she or he has extended withdrawal from class or is referred to a Year Coordinator, or if he/she seriously transgresses school rules.
Loss of Good Standing

The Consequences of Loss of Good Standing are:

  • The student is unable to participate in extra curricula activities for a period of five weeks (e.g school social functions, school excursions and camps, school sport teams, work experience and the school ball). In order to reclaim Good Standing, the student must meet requirements of Good Standing during the five week period.
  • The student may not be eligible to receive a school reference.
  • If loss of Good Standing is the result of not meeting the requirements for satisfactory academic progress or satisfactory attendance and punctuality, the student will give extended personal time until academic progress has improved e.g. after school detention/homework class.

Procedure following loss of Good Standing

  • Notification of five weeks loss of Good Standing will be made to the student, parents and teachers by the Year Coordinator
  • The student is then required to seek reinstatement of Good Standing via the process outlined below.

Student responsibilities following the loss of “Good Standing”

First Event: The student will attend a case conference between him or herself, the Year Coordinator and appropriate teacher to make an acceptable agreement, which is to be signed by a parent.
Second Event: The students will attend a case conference between him or herself, parent, Year Coordinator and Student Services Manager in order to review the previous agreement and to make a new agreement to maintain standards. Successful negotiation of an agreement will result in the reinstatement of Good Standing after the five week loss period has finished.
Third Event: The student will meet with the Deputy Principal, Student Services Manager, Year Coordinator, and parent to discuss suitable educational alternatives.