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Important News

Important News

2020 Year 12 Final Awards Assembly

This morning we held the Final Assembly for our Year 12 students. Congratulations to those students who won subject awards today. Congratulations also to our Year 12 Councillors for their tireless work around the school this year.

Subject Award Winners


Students return date for Term 4


School returns for students in Year 7-11 on Tuesday 13th October.

Year 12 ATAR students return to school on Wednesday 14th October.

Term 3 Commences for Students

REMINDER: School returns for students on Wednesday 22nd July.  Students can view their timetable via SEQTA (see photo “SEQTA Learn - Student Timetable”).  Should your child be absent from school, please note the new absentee SMS (0436 282 030) and email address (


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Technology Support for Students

Your School Email Address

All students have an Education Department email which is usually



This email is automatically linked to your Connect. When teachers put notices on Connect, an email is sent to this address to alert you to read the notice in Connect. Use this email address for all school-based activities and programs you login to.

Outlook and Webmail
The students can access their emails via Connect when they login there is an envelope icon in the top right corner next to their user account icon. Clicking on that icon will take them to their emails.

Alternatively, they can also access their emails via Sign in using the students' education email address.

Their education email address is their Connect username followed by, usually
You will be prompted to enter your username and password; this is the same username and password used for Connect.

You can access Connect via the link in the Student Portal or directly at: Teachers at Applecross SHS use Connect to share resources, to notify students of information about their classes, to lead discussions on class topics and as a place for students to collaborate and submit work. The username and password to access Connect are the same as your network username and password.


Below is a Student Step By Step Guide for Connect


Step by Step Guide for Students


ClickView Online
ClickView Online allows you access to the school video library over the Internet. This enables you to view video programs shown in class 24/7. This is very useful for revision purposes or if you are absent from class when videos are shown.

1.  The first step to access is to go to this address


2.  Next, type in your Connect user name and password.


Wheelers eBooks and Audiobooks
Our Library may be closed during the holidays, but our eLibrary is always open. All students at Applecross Senior High School have been registered to borrow our wonderful collection of eBooks and audiobooks. To start reading on your laptop or desktop computer CTRL click on the following link, or type into the address bar of your internet browser, login with your Connect username, Applecross1 as your password, and you are ready to borrow.
If you have an Android tablet, smartphone, iPhone or iPad, we recommend accessing to download your free app.
Installing your Education copy of Microsoft Office 365


Please remove previous versions of Microsoft Office, using instructions below, before you commence installation.


Windows 10

On the Start menu, enter Control Panel in the search box and select Control Panel from the results.  

a. Select Programs > Programs and Features, then right-click your Microsoft

    Office product, and choose Uninstall.


Windows 8.1 or 8

a. Right-click the Start button (lower-left corner), and choose Control Panel.

b. Select Programs and Features, then right-click your Office product,

    and choose Uninstall.


Windows 7

a. Click Start > Control Panel.

b. Click Programs > Programs and Features.

c. Right-click the Office application you

    want to remove, and then click Uninstall.  


Installation Instructions


1. Open an internet browser and type in the address bar and

    enter, or, click the following link

2. Enter your Department of Education email address & click next 


3. Enter your school login details, check the box (I have read and understand the

    Appropriate Use of information) and click login



4. Click Install Office



5. Click Run.

6. Click Yes to begin installation.

7. Download may take a while.  Be patient.



SEQTA - Viewing your Timeable
Below are instructions on how to view your timetable via SEQTA.