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Important News

Important News

Year 10 Long Tan Award

Sophia Ammali  was presented with the 2017 Applecross Senior High School Year 10 Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Award at a recent assembly.  Mr Lilleyman, Deputy Principal, nominated Sophia for this prestigious award.  She received a certificate and will also receive $250.

Novelists in the Making

As part of the Academic English Extension course for Year 10, each student in either Mrs Moss or Mrs Darling’s class was required to complete an extended piece of writing in the form of a Novella, or a “baby” novel.  From Fantasy to Peanut allergies, Coming of Age stories, Road Journeys, Environm


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Paul Leech

Deputy Principal (Years 7 - 9)
Paul Currie

Deputy Principal (Planning & HR)
Glenys Campbell

Deputy Principal (Years 10 - 12)
Rex Lilleyman


Manager Corporate Services
Sharon Morley

Relief Coordinator
Elaine Johnson

Finance Officer
Debra Bruns

Administrative Support Officer
Kerry Date

School Officers
Nicole Hinton
Sue Jacobs
Janine Jenkins
Rebecca McInnes
Sharon Mulreany
Anna Perry
Marta Pitaro
Jo Rich
Angela Treloar
Claire Watkinson

IT Network Administrator
Ray Legg

The Arts

Head of Learning Area
Jodine McBride

Dance and Drama

Teacher in Charge
Angela Zaknich


Head of Music, Class Music Teacher & Scimitar String Orchestra Conductor
Tim Stapleton

Class Music Teacher & Concert Band 1 Conductor
Christine Stapleton

Teachers – School of Instrumental Music

Tashana Tweddle - Violin and Viola Teacher and Cygnet String Orchestra Conductor
Fleur Allen - Flute Teacher
Kaye Ihms - Clarinet Teacher and Concert Band 2 Conductor
Paul Hines - Guitar Teacher and Guitar Ensembles Conductor
Nigel McIntyre - Brass Teacher
Rachel Morris - Cello Teacher 
Kirsty Hulka - Voice Teacher and Chamber Choir Conductor
Steven Richards - Double Bass Teacher
Mark Sprogowski - Saxophone Teacher
Chris Booth - Percussion Teacher and Jazz Band Conductor

Visual Arts

Gifted and Talented Education Co-ordinator: Visual Art
Fleur De Campi

Alicia Archibald

Roslyn Cadee
Anthony McAndrew
Christine Mackay Morgan Siggers (Long Service Leave)
Alicia Archibald


Special Art Assistant
Marcia Hadlow


Head of Learning Area
Susette Rose

Sonia Low
Sumika Nishikawa
Charisma Valerie

French Assistant

Japanese Assistant
Harumi Tanikawa

Technology and Enterprise

Head of Learning Area
Darren Payton

Business and Information Technology

Teacher in Charge
Andrew Lewis

Elaine Johnson
Craig MacKinnon
Fran VanOyen

Technology and Enterprise

Ray Barton
Rex Ellis
Simon Wende

Home Economics

Teacher in Charge
Sue-Ellen Symons

Candice Spencer
Gail Michael
Jan Michell

Home Economics Assistants
Gayle Elkington
Normita Mattarocchia


Program Manager Literacy Support
Angela Koios

Dee Lewis

Library Officers
Kerri Gur
Donna Payton

I.T. Technician
Jarrad Wilks

Student Services

Year 7 Co-ordinator
Katie Wadham

Year 8 Co-ordinator
Jan Michell

Year 9 Co-ordintor
Rex Ellis

Year 10 Co-ordinator
Brad Snell

Year 11 Co-ordinator
Anna Edwards

Year 12 Co-ordinator
Adam Coppard

Head of Student Services (7 - 9)
Angela Hooton

Head of Student Services (10 - 12)
Jenny Casserly

Learning Support Co-ordinator
Maria Spadaccini

Andrew Saxton

School Nurse
Deb Kitak

First Aid Officer
Mona Zammar

School Psychologist

Yvette Tormey

Education Assistants

Dee Dartnell
Lisa Hughes
Dale Langenbach
Claire McDonnell
Linda Mezger
Sara Morris
Felix Ross
Robyn Scarterfield
Emma Slade
Mona Zammar

VET and Career Education

VET Coordinator
Fran Van Oyen

Glyn Barber
Julie Reed

VET School Officer
Christine O’Sullivan

Workplace Learning Coordinator
Julie Reed