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Important News

Important News

Year 12 Presentation Evening 2019

The Year 12 Presentation Evening on Monday night was a wonderful opportunity for our staff, family and friends to come together to celebrate our Year 12 students achievements.
Congratulations to our Special Award winnings:

Year 12 Final and Awards Assembly

Yesterday we held our Final Assembly for our Year 12 students. Congratulations to those students who won subject awards today. Congratulations also to our Year 12 Councillors for their tireless work around the school this year.

Subject Award Winners


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During the recent summer holidays some of our students took part in a statewide competition run by the Innovation Institute of WA.  It was advertised on the school website, and the challenge was taken up by Eva Mustapic, Zach Iskandar and Jared Clark from Year 9.

Our students enjoyed a three day masterclass with keynote speakers and learned about developing ideas, creating business plans, how to get finance for and market new ideas. They also discussed copyright and intellectual property.  The participants then took their own ideas and applied their newfound knowledge to come up with a pitch that would hopefully impress the judges.  Our three students worked as part of a team and were the winners of the first prize, a $2000 cheque from Bendigo Bank.

Yesterday, the state representative of the bank came to our Year 9 assembly and awarded each of our students with their prize winnings.  Eva described their invention to the group, which was a bendable coathanger.  Their presentation was deemed by far the most impressive of the entire masterclass and their performance and behaviour throughout was a credit to them.  Well done!

For more photos please visit our Facebook page.

Christine Waddell

Mathematics Teacher


Applecross Tennis P&C are holding a sausage sizzle at Bunnings Melville (Corner Leach Highway and North Lake Road), this Sunday the 25th February from 7am to 5pm.


Come down and enjoy a hot dog and drink!!!


All money raised will go to supporting your fellow students.


Year 12 students have had a busy last few days and this is even before the Ball that will be held on Friday 23rd February. A highlight every year for Year 12 students is when the Leavers Jackets arrive. We have pictures here featuring the School Captains, Ella O’Leary and Daniel De Lima as well as a selection of other students proudly showing off their new jackets. The overwhelming view is that the jackets look wonderful and we hope all students wear them with pride. Thanks to Mrs Hinton and Mrs Casserly and their helpers for their hard work in distributing the jackets

This week we have also had the Principal’s Morning Tea where high achieving students were recognised for their academic efforts in Year 11. Students were addressed by Mr Leech as well as a High Flying student from last year’s Year 12 cohort, Vicki Cheah. We realise that not all students will achieve ATAR results in the high 90’s but we want to encourage all students to live up to the school goals of Personal Best and Mutual Respect. Once again thanks to Mrs Hinton and Mrs Casserly for organising this.

Stay tuned for news about the Ball next week. We have already had some magnificent work from our Student Ball Committee and everything is in place for a great night.

Brad Snell
Year 12 Coordinator.

Dads and Year 7 kids at Applecross SHS you are invited The Fathering Project for a boccee and pizza evening.  See flyer below for more information.

Our Library may close after school, but our eLibrary is always open.  All students at Applecross Senior High School have been registered to borrow eBooks and audiobooks anywhere, anytime, on multiple devices.  Our eLibrary has over 1900 titles to choose from.


To start reading on your laptop or desktop computer ctrl+click on the following link, or type into the address bar of your internet browser, login with your student portal username, Applecross1 as your password, and you are ready to borrow.


If you have an Android tablet, smartphone, iPhone or iPad, we recommend accessing to download your free app.


If you need assistance accessing the eLibrary or would like to request a title do not hesitate to contact myself or one of the friendly library team.




ClickView Online is an educational video platform which provides our school with thousands of quality educational videos designed for Secondary school.  Online access to our ClickView library means that every student can access videos easily at home for research, homework and assignments using their own device.


All students can access ClickView Online by following these steps:

  1. Go to this link :
  2. Enter your student portal username and password to login
  3. Search for videos or look in your subject folders
  4. Select by clicking on title or image to view


Students having difficulties accessing ClickView online may seek help at the Library during break times.


Ms Donna Payton

Library Officer

After the great success of the 2017 Modern History Cake Day, the Year 12 Ancient History class have begun a year long competition – the Great Egyptian Bake Off. After coming up with a roster on their own, each Friday at the end of Period 5 a different student or group of students will be presenting to the class their baked creation that relates to that weeks class content. Last week we had our first cake of the year. After learning about Queen Hatshepsut’s beautiful mortuary temple at Deir el Bahri, one of our talented students, Pippa Douglas, recreated the temple in cake form! The cake came complete with sugary sweet sphinxes and Osirid statues of the Queen. Keep an eye out, we will share some of the other creations throughout the year.


Ms Don, HASS Teacher


More photos can be found on our Facebook page.


Welcome to everyone at Applecross Senior High School and a big welcome to all our Year 7’s and any new students and families. I wish you all the very best for the year.
The Health Centre is located in the C Block next to Student Services and as the Community Nurse I am based there four days per week Monday to Thursday 8.00am to 4.00pm.
I am happy to meet parents and discuss medical issues that may be a problem for your child.  I am also happy to meet the students, especially if they are new to Applecross SHS.  Please come to the Health Centre and say hello. I do encourage students to come and see me in their own time, before school, during break times and after school, if the matter is not urgent.  If your child needs assistance in class time they need to bring a note from the teacher or their diary signed by their teacher. Only emergencies will be seen in class time. Confidentiality is respected and students can make an appointment to see me if they would like to discuss an issue or problem.
Medical Conditions
If your child has a medical condition, for example asthma, anaphylaxis, diabetes or epilepsy, please contact me for an Action Plan if you have not already done so. This is so that I can manage your child’s medical condition appropriately whilst they are at school. 
Important Health Messages
Nutrition - Students are encouraged to eat a healthy breakfast prior to school.
Fluids - Students are encouraged to drink plenty of water 6-8 glasses per day and to bring their own water bottles into school and not share their bottles.
Sleep - Growing children need 10 – 12 hours of sleep a night with no interruptions eg: No TV, Electronic gadgets – mobile phones, computer, games etc. in the bedroom at sleep time.
School Bags - Look after your back! Students’ bags should not weigh more that 10-15% of your body weight.  If they have a back pack they need to carry it on their back with the shoulder straps on both shoulders supporting the load on their back.
Hats and Sun - Wear a hat for protection from the sun and apply sunscreen.
The School Health Service
The School Health Service aims to promote healthy development and wellbeing to help students reach their full potential.  Students are better prepared for learning when they are healthy, safe and happy.  School Health Services provide an easy access point to health care for students.  The School Health Nurse may carry out health assessments and provide information, advice, referrals and support for students. The support encourages development of knowledge, skills and behaviour, and encourages the young person to deal with their health issue(s) and make healthy lifestyle choices. Individual students can seek information, guidance and support about a range of issues that may include: coping with illness, culture or racism issues, feeling anxious, stressed or unhappy, healthy eating and nutrition, healthy weight and body image, mental health and wellbeing, loss and grief, problems at home, relationships, sexual health, smoking, alcohol, drug use and other adolescent concerns.
There may be times when the School Health Nurse needs to share information with parents or guardians or certain others in the school community, to provide support and care to ensure the safety and wellbeing of a young person.  The School Health Nurse encourages and supports young people to talk to their parents or guardians about significant health issues.
Ambulance Cover
I strongly advise parents/guardians to have ambulance cover as an ambulance will be called in emergency situations and when deemed necessary. The school does not pay for this service.  The cost of an ambulance in an emergency is approximately $900. The cost of ambulance cover through HBF (agent for St John’s Ambulance) is approx. $100 for families and $50 for singles, per year.  Parents/Guardians are strongly advised to keep the school posted about changes in your contact details.
I also advise parents/guardians to come to collect a child if they are not well and not request me to send them home via public services or walking home on their own.
Thanks for your support in this matter.
Updating Contact Details
Can families please ensure the school is notified as soon as possible if any contact details change?  This includes home, mobile and emergency contact phone numbers and email addresses.  Email:
Mrs Deb Kitak
Community Health Nurse
Child and Adolescent Community Health (Melville Region)
Phone: 93149313

We have had the usual busy start to the year, with the new Year 7's excitedly getting to know our menu and the rest of the students welcoming back old favourites and discovering new ones.  There are new Dipping Boxes for $2.50, which includes chopped vegies and Turkish bread, along with Hommus or Avocado dip.  Our parfaits are back- layers of yoghurt, jelly and fresh fruit for $2.50 as well.  Our menu remains the same as last term, with a fresh Winter Menu coming in Term 2.

We have managed so far with a small but loyal band of wonderful volunteers covering most of the shifts, but, as we are not having our usual welcome evening for the Year 7's this year, we really need EVERYONE to consider whether you have some free time this term to come in and help out in the canteen PLEASE. 
Our lovely regulars are getting worn out and the natural moving on process has already started, so we need replacements and fresh hands!  It would be fabulous if you could come for the whole day (9.30am-1.45pm) but if you are simply too busy we will take morning (9.30am-11.15am) or afternoon shifts (12pm-1.45pm) with much pleasure and gratitude.  We have mums, dads, grandmas, members of the general public and loads of laughs!  Our volunteer roster co-ordinator is Narelle Pearce and her email is so please try and find a space for your canteen! 
Thanks and look forward to seeing you all soon, Cre.

The Awards Assembly, held today was a wonderful celebration of the student’s achievement.

The fantastic musical performance by Emma Main and Molly McCarthy was followed by Mr Leech delivering a very motivational speech to the students, encouraging everyone to achieve their personal best.

The HoLA’s acknowledged the achievement of many of our students, as well as present awards to the top students in each subject area.

The closing address by Ms Hooton aimed to inspire all our students to aim high and persevere to achieve their goals, dreams, ambitions and aspirations.

A wonderful celebration of 2017 and we are all looking forward to and even better 2018!

More photos can be found on our Facebook page.


Yesterday we celebrated the success of our Year 8 and 9 2017 students with an Awards Assembly and Parent Morning Tea.


More photos can be found on our Facebook Page.