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Important News

Important News

Year 10 Long Tan Award

Sophia Ammali  was presented with the 2017 Applecross Senior High School Year 10 Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Award at a recent assembly.  Mr Lilleyman, Deputy Principal, nominated Sophia for this prestigious award.  She received a certificate and will also receive $250.

Novelists in the Making

As part of the Academic English Extension course for Year 10, each student in either Mrs Moss or Mrs Darling’s class was required to complete an extended piece of writing in the form of a Novella, or a “baby” novel.  From Fantasy to Peanut allergies, Coming of Age stories, Road Journeys, Environm


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Our Principal’s Morning Tea was held today to celebrate the outstanding academic results achieved during Semester One by a strong number of students.  One of our Alumni, Sandra Kerbler, gave an inspirational talk, motivating our students to follow their passions.  She was a strong advocate for the importance of hard work and study.    Sandra is a PhD student at UWA and shared her experiences in being selected to travel and study Science/Biology in Antarctica.  She is off to work in Germany for two years next month.

Well done to all AXSHS students involved.

Jenny Casserly, Head of Student Services

Year 9AE English classes were given the task to create a short film up to seven minutes in duration to be considered for the Tropfest Junior Competition for 2018. The Tropfest Signature Item for the Junior division is a rainbow.  Students in Mrs Stapleton’s and Ms Lake’s classes filmed and edited at the end of Term 2 and over the holidays to produce films of very high calibre. The classes then voted on the top two films in each class to be submitted to the Tropfest Competition later this year. Congratulations to all students who, through dedication, crafted some wonderful symbolic cinema. We wish them luck in the national competition.

A sample video from After The Rain by the group Storm of Colours can be viewed on our Facebook page.

Chris Raich, AE English Coordinator

Earlier in the year, all lower school HASS Academic Extension students entered the 2017 Australian Geography Competition. The students achieved some excellent results with a large number of Distinction and High Distinction certificates being handed out at year level assemblies and in class last week. On top of this, we also had two students gain some exceptional results. In Year 10, Lexie Latto performed in the top 1% of all students in Australia in this competition. In Year 8, Zachary Iskander both performed in the top 1% of all students in Australia and gained the top score in Western Australia for a Year 8 student. A big congratulations to these students, and all others who competed.

Ms Don, HASS Academic Extension Co-ordinator



Our Japanese Exchange visitors from the City of Takarazuka have returned home.  Students had the opportunity to share in learning activities and learn about each other's cultures.  AXSHS Japanese students are looking forward to visiting Takarazuka City later this year.

To view more photos, please go to our Facebook page.

AXSHS Weights Club runs every Monday and Thursday after school in the School Fitness room.  Students who join the group not only have a chance to get fitter and stronger physically, but also get the benefit of freshening up mentally after hard day of studying.  Any students interested in joining the Club should speak with Andy Saxton (School Chaplain).

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Tickets to the Year 12 Presentation Evening are now available for purchase online via the below link:

In the ‘First Round Ticket Offer’, ticket sales are restricted to a maximum of 2 tickets per student. You will be required to enter the Year 12 student’s surname for verification purposes. If it is found that more than 2 tickets have been purchased in the first round for a student, the additional tickets will be cancelled immediately.

  • Tickets are unreserved. (This will allow for any additional tickets purchased in the 2nd round offer to be seated with the first round tickets.)
  • You are NOT required to purchase a ticket for your Year 12 Student.
  • If you require wheelchair access please call the Ticket Enquiry Line, doing so does not incur a booking fee.

First round offer tickets are now on sale until Friday 18 August 2017. 

Those Year 12 students not attending the Presentation Ceremony need to advise the Year 12 Year co-ordinator, Adam Coppard, in writing as soon as possible.

On Monday 31 July 2017,  Ms. Crofton took four Year 8 students to Parliament House for a United Nations Future Leaders Conference. The conference was designed to inform students about government in Western Australia, the  qualities of an effective leader and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 (SDG 2030). They had a tour of Parliament House; listened to four very interesting speakers representing  government, business, refugees and the United Nations; and designed a project that meets the requirements of several SDG’s.

Over the last two weeks our two Year 9 literacy classes have been liaising with Murdoch University, working on script writing and practicing interview techniques using the latest equipment and technology. Murdoch University is keen to work with neighbouring high schools, offering programs that engage young teenagers with the ultimate aim of finding each student’s passion and potential job prospects. With the assistance of Robyn Scarterfield, Sarah Morris and Andy Saxton the students learnt how to write a newspaper report for radio, an interview using open and closed questions and work in groups to produce an edited recorded product.

The students were extremely focussed and engaged in the activities provided by the second year University student mentors. Many of the Applecross students were not aware of the many choices of subjects available for further studies, as well as learning that ATAR is not the only pathway to reach University.

On a more personal note, I have had the privilege of teaching an amazing group of students who have shown so much improvement these last 6 months. Although away for a year on leave, I look forward in seeing further improvement and helping them next year in pursuit of their dreams.

Cheryl Grosse, Literacy Support Teacher

To view more photos, please go to our Facebook page.

Applecross SHS Tennis alumni Astra Sharma wins her 2nd professional ITF singles title in Romania. Congratulations Astra!

Today Applecross Senior High School Year 9 students welcomed our visitors from Takarazuka, Mr Ueda, Ms Makino and Ms Wada.  AXSHS and Takarazuka celebrate a 31 year relationship of cultural sharing and education.  Our visitors are with us for one week, giving our students the opportunity to learn about Japanese culture and engage in enriching activities.  Our students will be making a return visit to Japan later this year.

To view more photos, please go to our Facebook page.