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Important News

Important News

Health Centre News

Important message for Year 12 Students doing their WACE Exams


Year 12 Final Assembly

Today we held our Final Assembly for our Year 12 students. Congratulations to those students who won subject awards today.

Interschool Athletics Carnival News

Applecross SHS took 108 students to the B Division Interschool Athletics Carnival on Tuesday 17 Oct and competed well to finish in 6th place out of 9 Schools. This result was a commendable achievement considering we were elevated from C Division last year.


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Last week some of the Year 8 HASS classes were lucky enough to have Joanna Tyler from UWA come out to speak with them. The students have just begun looking at the Black Death and its impacts on Medieval Europe. As part of the Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions, the workshop looked at the emotional responses people had to the Black Death in the 14th Century. Students heard from Joanna and undertook a variety of activities working with primary and secondary sources. They saw how experiences of the plague varied for people of different social, religious and economic backgrounds. The topic generated some really interesting discussion. One of the more interesting questions of the day came from the students. How would our society react today if there was an outbreak of the Bubonic Plague and would we have the same level of panic as was experienced in the Middle Ages?

Cassy Don, HASS Teacher


The fourth round of WADL debating occurred on Wednesday 31st May.  The Year 7 team remains undefeated.  They won convincingly with a fantastic rebuttal from their third speaker. This time they were debating that religious activities should be banned to children under 18- as the negative team. The Year 8 teams also had this topic. The opposition for one Year 8 team had declared a forfeit and the other teams came away the victors. The Year 9 teams have postponed their debate.  The Year 11 team had to forfeit due to their exams.

A big thank you to all team members, teachers who facilitate these debates, and the supportive families. We have even had younger siblings taking on the role of chairperson on the night and team members from one group stepping in for other teams.

Chris Raich, AE Coordinator

The current 2016/17 Entertainment book expires on 1 June 2017.  The new 2017/18 Entertainment Book is available for sale, enabling you to enjoy a variety of great offers. Your purchase of the book supports the Gifted and Talented Visual Art Program at Applecross Senior High School.

To order, please go to:

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Thank you for your support.

Special Art Committee

Today our Year 7 Academic Extension Mathematics students learnt how to code and program robots with help from Scitech.  During the incursion they learnt how to code and use the Lego Mindstorm program.  Using their knowledge of angles and trigonometry, they programmed the robot to travel down a maze.  The Year 8, 9 and 10 Academic Extension mathematics students will also participate in this incursion.

To view more photos, please go to our Facebook page.

Under the direction of teacher Michelle Reidy-Crofts, the Year 9 Web Page Design students have been industriously creating their own web pages in the school computing labs using Google Sites. With the direction and feedback from their teacher,  students were able to select their own webpage theme and set about planning and formulating their sites. Preliminary lessons included story boarding and research.  Formally trained in Visual Art, Ms Reidy-Crofts has been very  impressed with the students understanding of the elements and principles to create consistent, high impact creative webpages. In order to ensure student details are secure, all of the sites have the security set to “private”.  This Year 9 program is just one course of study Applecross Senior High School students are involved in to engage students in STEM learning and Digital Literacy.  Below is an example a students work.

To view more examples, please go to our Facebook page.

Today our Year 9 cohort attended a workshop by Phillippa Henderson from Positively You, as part of the Personal Best Program.  Students were actively engaged in the workshop which will help them build positive strategies for the future.

To view more photos, please go to our Facebook Page.

A quick update on our Outdoor Education students current activities this Semester.

The Year 9s are currently enjoying the return challenge of the Rockface Climbing Gym in Northbridge after missing last week whilst on their navigation excursion at Bickley, Orange Grove. The Bickley courses gave them a great opportunity to put their navigation skills to use after Term One at Wireless Hill. The Year 9s will be off to explore Mundaring Weir and the Bibbulmun Track for their next excursion in week seven of this term.

The Year 10s have started their sailing program down at S.P.O.Y.C and are still heavily involved in the Recreational Skippers Ticket (RST) program down at the Marine Education Boat Shed in Fremantle.  The RST allows all of the Year 10s, who successfully pass both the the theory test and practical test, to drive any recreational vessel (including jet skis) in Western Australia. This is a new program to the Year 10 course, having previously been offered only in the Year 12 program.

Mr Adrian Uppill, Outdoor Education Coordinator

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We have recently had new signage and seating installed. The signage presents an overview of the school and students will certainly enjoy the new seating areas during break time.  Our gardeners have been very busy in the grounds which we all agree are looking fabulous. During the next holidays more covered areas will be erected and some fitness/play equipment will be installed for Year 7s. So even though our building program is finished, we are still actively working to improve the facilities for our students.

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The Year 12 Career & Enterprise ATAR classes have participated in very successful mentoring sessions with Year 7 and 8 students recently (Year 8 - Ms Reidy-Crofts' Health Class and Year 7 - Ms McDonald's English class).  The Year 12 students described their life at high school to the junior students and in particular discussed tips to cope with bullying.

The Year 7’s thoroughly enjoyed the special time they had with the older students. They were open and honest in their discussions and the Year 7's appreciated the Year 12’s sharing their knowledge and experience. The Year 12’s were excited and nervous about the mentoring session, but came away feeling confident, excited and with new perspectives. Both parties received great benefits from the experience. We are planning on running at least two further sessions later in the year.

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Congratulations to Tara Lord, 2016 student, who completed her Certificate III in Disability Support last year whilst at school. 

It is wonderful to see Tara has been so successful.

Please review the Melville Times article for further information.