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Important News

Important News

Robocup State Finals

In early August, seven Applecross students were entered into the Perth State Robocup Challenge. There were a variety of competitions and we entered both the Open Maze category and the Novice Performance Category.

The Applecross SHS Music Department presents Paragon

Come watch our talented Year 11s and 12s perform, both CONTEMPORARY and CLASSICAL, SOLOS and small GROUP ITEMS.



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Congratulations to the following winners:-

1st Prize
Angela Tuhakaraina – Ticket # 775
Crown Towers Premier Suite Accommodation Package

2nd Prize
Anna Spadaccini – Ticket # 1436
Lemair Wine Cooler 115L

3rd Prize
Paul Gittings – Ticket # 1871
Hopman Cup Day Hopper

4th Prize
Mick Novakovic – Ticket # 261
$50 Tennis Only Voucher and Cap

Please be advised that tickets 11 to 20, 341 to 350, 411 to 420, 441 to 450, 471 to 480, 531 to 550, 791 to 800, 931 to 940 and 971 to 980 have been misplaced and cancelled.  If you are in possession of these ticket - please contact the Permit Holder: Robert Horridge on 9323 5609.


Early this week our High Flyer students were rewarded at a Principal’s lunch.  Our High Flyers are students who have achieved four A’s in the MESH subjects. The number of students invited to this reward lunch keeps increasing, an amazing achievement by all involved!

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After spending the term learning about water, sustainability and liveability, the Year 7 students have been applying this knowledge through designing their own futuristic liveable cities. Along with this, some of the Year 7 Academic Extension students have designed and created a variety of projects that celebrate the school’s 60th anniversary next year. Projects have ranged from a short history of the staff of the school to a study of 60 years of changing student fashion.

Working collaboratively, all of the students had freedom to decide how to present their projects. Some have chose to make 3D models, others have designed and created educational books, several groups utilised the schools green screen to create films and a number of students used Minecraft Edu to build their cities. Over the past two weeks the Year 7 block has thus been a hive of activity as students have worked together to finish their projects before the end of the school year.

Ms Don, HASS Academic Extension Coordinator

To view more photos please go to our Facebook page.


Long ago, in the far distant times of the mid twentieth century, 1958 to be exact, the first cohort of students entered Applecross Senior High School as Year 8 students, or ‘First Years’ as they were then called. In 2018, the school will celebrate its 60th year of existence and to kick off that celebration the school was privileged to have a small coterie of those First Years come to visit. 

After a tour of the school, morning tea and much reminiscence, a team of Year 9 Academic Extension English students  sat down with these esteemed visitors to interview them and enquire as to what it was actually like to be a student then,  and compare that experience with what it is like now.

Class of 1958: Margaret Hall, Karen Farmer, Ritchie Kirk, Glynn Scott, Graeme Robertson, Robin Howarth, Malcolm Smith, Barrie Nugent, and Neville Gallop

Interviewers: Arya Becker -Knox, Jade Cairns, Srija Datta, Lilli Coulson, Molly Howden, Skye Ewington, Zoe Dyer, Suzan Eyssautier, Kate Loveday, Rohanna Perez, and Melissa Wong.

Photographer of student interviews:  Ethan Wegner  

Veronica Lake, HOLA English

To view photos of our students interviewing the Class of 1958 members, please go to our Facebook page.

Congratulations to Neasa Flynn who recently represented Western Australia in the U16 Australian Hockey Championships which formed part of the 2017 Pacific School Games.  As a result of her efforts, Neasa has been selected in the Australian U16 Girls Hockey Team, which will be touring South Africa in June-July 2018.  This is a wonderful achievement, well done Neasa!

Well done to Miranda, who was recently selected to represent Western Australia at the Calisthenics National Championships in 2018. Miranda also won the 12 Years Novice Duo in the recent State Calisthenics Championships.


Sophia Ammali  was presented with the 2017 Applecross Senior High School Year 10 Long Tan Youth Leadership and Teamwork Award at a recent assembly.  Mr Lilleyman, Deputy Principal, nominated Sophia for this prestigious award.  She received a certificate and will also receive $250.

The Awards started in 2006 as fitting tribute to veterans of the Battle of Long Tan. This was one of the defining moments of Australian Military History. The Awards are designed to recognise students who demonstrate leadership, both within the school and within the broader local community.  At the same time, they recognise those who display strong values such as doing one’s best, respect for others and “mateship”, characteristics that are integral to Australian society.

The Awards are an important initiative of the Australian Government in conjunction with the Australian Defence Forces and are designed to encourage senior students – tomorrow’s leaders – to actively participate in the life of their schools and local communities. The number of schools currently participating is over 2250. Sophia’s hard work as a  key member of the Year 10 Student Council , as a member of the Gifted and Talent Special Tennis Program as well as her general leadership skills, have led to this achievement. Well done, Sophia.

Brad Snell, Year 10 Coordinator

As part of the Academic English Extension course for Year 10, each student in either Mrs Moss or Mrs Darling’s class was required to complete an extended piece of writing in the form of a Novella, or a “baby” novel.  From Fantasy to Peanut allergies, Coming of Age stories, Road Journeys, Environmental Exploration and Gothic allegory, the genres were as varied as the writing styles. Over fifteen weeks students had the allocated time of one period a week in class to work on this project, as well as developing their stories at home.

Early in the year, local novelist Deb Fitzpatrick spoke to both classes and proved to be a strong stimulus for the novellas. The editing process was a communal effort, with plenty of supportive peer review and commentary.

The final part of the process was publication in a professional manner, with covers, titles, reviews and cover ‘blurbs’ that added up to quality production in the end  product. Students have the opportunity to submit these texts to the Somerset Novella Competition, in Queensland with prize-money of $2,000.

Veronica Lake, HoLA English

A number of our Year 8 students have had the opportunity to experience 'Toy Workshop', a fun and inclusive STEAM activity that Ms Cockrill has been running.  This has involved:

Mechanical mechanisms -  Build gears, cams, and linkages from simple materials.

Electrical mechanisms - Learn about Arduinos and servos. Make dog toy and write code to animate it. 

What is inside a battery-powered toy? - Dissect a toy to see how it works and to recover useful parts.

Let's create! - Time to put it all together to make a kinetic sculpture or a toy.

Our students have thoroughly enjoyed this experience.

Aniela Wooldridge, HoLA Science

To view more photos, please go to our Facebook page

Congratulations to the team of boys that came second in the “Have Sum Fun Online 2017” competition for Year 10. The competition run by the Mathematical Association of Western Australia in conjunction with the Australian Association of Mathematics Teachers.  A series of 4 competitions were run over a period of 4 weeks, whereby students answered Maths problems under a time constraint.  Well done to Callum Vukovich (Captain), Alexander Lui, Tristan Noor and Joel Wildman (absent from photos due to CORE camp attendance.

We are so very proud of their accomplishments!