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Important News

Important News

2019 ANZAC Service

Mr Dickson’s Year 10 HASS Academic Extension class were the chief organisers of this year’s ANZAC Service. Students were very respectful and this is great credit to all.


House Swimming Carnival Results - 2019

Applecross SHS held its House Swimming Carnival on Fri 1st March on what was a mild and comfortable day. The participation level was outstanding and there were some keenly contested races with exciting finishes and great individual and  team efforts.



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As this will be the last newsletter for the term I would like to wish all students and parents a safe, happy and healthy Easter Break and school holiday break soon after.

National Ride2School Day

Applecross SHS celebrated active travel day on Wednesday 21st March.  Many students supported this event by either walking or riding to school.  A healthy free breakfast and freebies were given to students.  Parents please continue to encourage your students to walk or ride to school every day while the weather is still good.



We support our students to walk or wheel to school because:

  • Students feel fresh and alert at the beginning of a school day.
  • There are fewer cars around the school which eases ‘drop off congestion’.
  • Students are more likely to reach the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity they need each day.
  • Students feel happier, healthier and perform better in the classroom.


Flu Season

With winter approaching I recommend a flu vaccine for all. 


Why should I consider having my child vaccinated against the flu?

The National Health and Medical Research Council, Australia's peak body for health advice, recommends annual vaccination for anyone six months of age or older who wants to reduce their chances of becoming ill with the flu.


Annual flu vaccination is strongly recommended for anyone six months of age or older with a medical condition that places them at higher risk of severe illness from flu. Children and adults with heart, lung or kidney disease or a weakened immune system, are eligible for free flu vaccine through the National Immunisation Program.


Children without underlying medical conditions who become infected with flu can also develop serious illnesses. Flu can cause high fever and pneumonia, and make existing medical conditions worse. Flu can also cause convulsions and diarrhoea in children.


Influenza viruses are always changing. Each year scientists try to match the strains of influenza viruses in the vaccine to those most likely to cause flu illnesses that year. It takes up to two weeks for protection to develop after vaccination against flu and protection lasts about a year.


The seasonal flu vaccine is available on prescription or via GP and immunisation clinics and is provided free for certain groups. Flu vaccines are available prior to winter starting. For more information, or contact your GP or Immunisation Clinic.


Head Lice

Parents are reminded to please check your child’s hair frequently for head lice as these little critters appear every so often and even in high school!


Tips for preventing head lice

Check your child’s hair regularly for head lice and eggs (‘nits’). Use a metal fine tooth ‘nit’ comb and plenty of hair conditioner applied to the dry hair, to make the task easier and more effective.


Tie long hair back. Braid long hair and/or put it up if possible.                                                                


Avoid sharing combs or brushes.  Remind your child to avoid head-to-head contact with other children, e.g. when working at the computer with others, or when playing, or hugging.                                  



Parents and students are reminded that the nurse is NOT allowed to give panadol or other medication to students. Parents/Students are reminded that they can bring a dose of panadol to school to take if you have pain. E.g. Headache, period pain, toothache etc.


Deb Kitak

School Nurse

Our Year 11 Geography class took a trip to the Perth Hills Discovery Centre on Friday 23rd to delve into the world of bushfire hazards. After studying the theory behind bushfire risk management and characteristics, this was a chance to conduct some field surveying and see first-hand the effects of prescribed burning on our native bushland. The staff from the Nearer to Nature program at the Department of Biodiversity, Conservations and Attractions delivered a full day program sharing some expert knowledge on the devastating impacts from bushfires in WA. A chance to get outside and experience nature at its finest!


Mr Ben Kelly - HASS Teacher


More photos can be found on our Facebook page.

Last Thursday, the 22nd of March, all the student councilors gathered in the staffroom to plan their projects and fundraisers. All the Year Group Student Councils select one project, which is hoped to make our school better for students – this can be things from stopping graffiti, to minimizing litter. They then chose one fundraiser to raise money for the school, or for charity. On Wednesday, the Year 12 students used The World’s Greatest Shave as their fundraiser. This showed great courage and selflessness, inspiring everyone to donate – and do their part to support this great cause. The end results were gorgeous and congratulations to everyone who took part.
Once all the Year Group Student Councils chose their beneficial school projects, they were split into teams to share with the other year groups. This process allowed for students to become more comfortable with each other, for future activities. Throughout the day we had a few refreshments and took part in bonding activities. We were also visited by Yvette Tormey, our school psychologist, who showed us a mindfulness practice – aimed to help focus and anti-stress. Once the Year Group Representatives had selected a fundraiser, they were again able to share their ideas with others.
The day proved to be a great success, thanks to our Principal Mr. Leech, Head of Student Services: Ms Hooton and Ms Casserly, and all the Year Coordinators.
Kylie Simons - Year 8 Student Councilor

More photos are available on our Facebook page

During Week 8 of Term One, a class of Year 9 students taking part in the Soil Science Project, along with a team of professors from Murdoch University, visited Wireless Hill. 


In groups, they were separated to different sites along the distance of the hill, where they collected soil samples and recorded information about the location and  vegetation. They also learned about the importance of cleaning and disinfecting footwear after a hike in the bush to avoid the spread of dyeback. 


Next term, the students will be running a variety of tests on the soil samples, in order to investigate the effects of non-native vegetation on the hydroscopic nature of soils. 

Miss Ji Hae Kim - Science Teacher


A group of outdoor education professionals, including school teachers, commercial operators and industry experts were hosted at a special Outdoors WA event at Applecross last week. The ‘Sharpen the Saw’ event was aimed at sharing outdoor recreation and outdoor education stories to further the professional development and engagement across the sector. Applecross SHS shared its own success story of the pilot Year 10 CORE program (Challenging Outdoor Resilience Experience) held in late 2017. Outdoors WA is the leading body for the outdoor sector in Western Australia, including camping, outdoor recreation and outdoor education. Their mission is to provide advocacy, leadership and support to the WA outdoor sector. The event energized a collection of Department of Education outdoor education teachers and the outstanding grounds and facilities of Applecross did not go unnoticed by the attendees!


Yesterday four Year 8 AE Science students, (Samuel Boey, Pratham Gulati, Paul Van and Benjamin Loschiavo), visited Rossmoyne SHS to compete in the Synergy Solar Car Challenge.  The challenge consisted of a timed period whereby students built their vehicle as a team, then raced the vehicle against other competing schools. Our team had some issues with the circuitry and unfortunately did not win, however, the boys didn’t give up at any point and were continually looking at what the problem may be and determining what could be done to fix it. Overall a great opportunity to participate in a STEAM activity that focuses on problem based learning.

On Friday night two teams of young mathematicians went to Trinity College to partake in the annual competition called Have Sum Fun – and they did! Our students displayed excellent team spirit and were very keen to compete against the best schools in the South Metro area. They employed some excellent strategies and their problem solving skills were in top form as they finished equal 6th and equal 8th on the night.

280 students were there to compete and were supported by so many teachers and parents in Gibney Hall – which made for a loud, fun atmosphere for all. Christchurch Grammar School were the winners on the night getting 31 of the problems solved correctly from the 32 posed.

Christine Waddell
Mathematics Teacher

 9 people, people smiling, people sitting, table and indoor


Applecross Senior High School students from Year 10, 11 and 12 competed in their first round of their Mock Trials on Monday March 19th. Although one of our teams won, all four of our teams performed exceptionally well. Two of our teams were against Perth College, another against Churchlands Senior High School and the fourth team was against Leeming Senior High School. There are over 150 teams competing in this prestigious competition run by the Law Society of WA. Thanks to the Front Office staff for helping with the uniforms and to teacher coaches, Mr Dickson, Ms Wallner, Ms Barnes and Mr Silberstein. We have also had help from our lawyer coach Cory Fogliani. Our next trial is on May 15th.


Mr Brad Snell
Year 10 Coordinator/HASS Teacher


Visit our Facebook page for more photos.Image may contain: 18 people, people smiling, people standing, suit, shoes, wedding and outdoor


Well done to the six students who volunteered to have their head shaved for the World’s Greatest Shave on March 19th. At the time of writing we have raised over $2500. The purpose of the fundraising is to help research about Blood Cancer. Blood cancer claims more lives than breast cancer or melanoma. And today another 35 people will be given the devastating news they have leukaemia, lymphoma, myeloma or another blood disorder. Thanks to the Year 12 Student Council for organising this and to the expert shavers Mr Ellis and our School Chaplain , Andy Saxton. Thanks also to Mr Wilding for his efforts with the music and the sound system. It is not too late to donate. Please give generously at this link…/TeamFundraising…


Image may contain: 9 people, people smiling, people standingMore photos available on our Facebook page


Yesterday the Year 7 Student Council were presented with their badges at the Year 7 assembly. Congratulations to everyone who applied, it was great to see so many students putting their hands up for a leadership role.

Well done to our successful candidates. The Year 7 cohort have made a great start to their high school careers.

Ms Katie Wadham
Year 7 Coordinator