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Important News

Important News

Congratulations Jaime Hunt

Congratulations to Jaime Hunt from Year 10 who was chosen after a very competitive process by UWA Fogarty Scholars to attend a four day Leadership Camp for Year 10 and 11 students in the October School Holidays.


New Laser Cutter in D&T

Our design and technology students have had the exciting opportunity to use our new digital laser cutter to design and produce some outstanding work.

Science/STEAM Week

Applecross SHS were lucky to have a number of student ambassadors from Murdoch University visit us to help give our students a hands on STEAM experience in school this week.


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I began my teaching career in the 1970’s teaching Health and Physical Education at Balcatta SHS, City Beach SHS (when it still existed) and Wanneroo SHS before taking leave to have my son. I was appointed to Applecross SHS on the completion of this leave and have been here since. In fact, I am now teaching the children of some of my earlier students from Applecross!

While I have only one son of my own, I inherited 4 step-children along with 9 grandchildren and 7, soon to be 8, great-grandchildren when I married my husband in the  early 90’s. Having all of these young people around certainly keeps me busy.

Unlike many of today’s young people, I did not travel out of Australia until I was in my 30’s.  However, I have certainly made up for this. I have been fortunate to be able to travel extensively in Asia, have been to Europe twice and to the US four times. Just last year I spent some time in New York City with side trips to Niagara Falls and Philadelphia before cruising around the Caribbean for two weeks.

At the beginning of this term I took two weeks leave and visited Japan and Singapore. While in Japan I was able to meet up with Makino Sensei – one of the exchange teachers who has visited Applecross twice – and her family to spend the day in Kyoto.

Through my travels my knowledge of world history has certainly been expanded. I have visited the World War II landing sites in France, have been to Hell Fire Pass in Thailand, Changi Prison in Singapore  and was in the US during the Inauguration of President Obama. In Philadelphia we were able to visit the original building used to house the first Congress and learn about the signing of the Declaration of Independence. While in Japan last week, we also visited Hiroshima and were able to see displays of the devastation caused by the dropping of the Atomic Bomb in 1945.

My interest in Health Education has seen me assist in trailing many new and innovative programs over the years and work with SCSA to develop the current Health Studies course in Upper School. Even when on holidays I often take photos of health related advertisements and images – such as the vending machines selling cigarettes in the streets of Japan!

I am currently the Year 8 Co-ordinator, looking after the 260 plus Year 8 students. I have worked in Student Services in various roles over the past 12 years. This is a role that I find very rewarding, getting to know and work with some amazing young people.


Well done to our Special Tennis students who came Runners Up in the 2017 Pizzey Cup held in Victoria recently. 

To view the article in the latest Melville Times, please click here

On Wednesday May 10, the interschool debating teams convened for their third round of debates. The Year 7s remain undefeated with a ‘touch and go’ moment when the debate was awarded to the wrong team, and had to be corrected. Two out of the three Year 8 novice teams won their debate.  The Year 10 team has had to withdraw from the competition, and the Year 11 team had another postponement. They begin their impromptu debates next round.  The Year 9 team fought on valiantly with only two team members present. It is that fighting spirit that we must really acknowledge and the extra time and effort all teams put in to their arguments. Well done, debaters. I am always impressed with your confidence and professionalism.

Chris Raich, AE English Coordinator


Yesterday the Year 8 Applecross SHS Tennis students analysed the serve and return patterns of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Serve/return and first shot is a theme the students have been working on this term. What better way to learn than analyse 2 of the best!

To view more pictures, please go to our Special Tennis Facebook page

Year 11 Biology students very much enjoyed their two day camp on Thursday 11th and Friday 12th May 2017. While on camp students stayed in cottages and experienced the stunningly beautiful and unique Dryandra Woodlands, located about 2 hours drive south east of Perth.  For some of the students, it was their first immersive experience in the WA bush. They learned about the many threats to this globally significant ecosystem and they participated in some vital research to help protect it for future generations.

A special highlight of the trip occurred when students woke at 6am on Friday morning to check 20 Sheffield traps they had set the previous evening.  Everyone was delighted to discover that the traps contained 3 healthy woylies; evidence that these beautiful endangered marsupials are thriving once again after an almost catastrophic crash in their numbers.

Tragically, the news was not so good for the numbats. There is grave concern that after some initial success with captive breeding, numbat numbers are declining in the wild.  We learned that this is an ongoing “murder mystery” that needs to be investigated, with feral cats the primary suspect.  Students were given an opportunity to use radio tracking equipment and they learned how to collect vital evidence to save this species from extinction.

We also visited Barna Mia Wildlife Sanctuary for an encounter with nocturnal marsupials including bilbys, woylies and boodies and collected vegetation data that will help scientists make decisions about proscribed burning regimes within the park.

Overall, students had an amazing experience and some of them even admitted to being happy their phones didn’t work!

To view more photos, please go to our Facebook Page


On Sunday 26th March, over 80 students from the Music Department's senior ensembles traveled to Fairbridge Village (an hour south of Perth). We spent two and half days doing intensive rehearsals...and during the free time...studying, jamming, chatting, playing basketball, climbing trees and generally messing around. Most people agreed the food at Fairbridge was way better than you expect at camps. On Tuesday we got on the two coaches and traveled back to Perth and performed our first concert at Brentwood Primary School. The next day, we met again to travel around three more primary schools, presenting concerts at Mt Pleasant, Booragoon and Winthrop Primary Schools. Our Music students entertained and inspired over 1000 children at these local area primary schools. Thanks to everyone involved, including the adult volunteers: Alison Miller, Victor Yong, David Hulbert and Anna Edwards. The ensemble conductors were Paul Hines, Kirtsy Hulka, Christine Stapleton and Tim Stapleton.

To view more photos, please go to our Facebook page.

Applecross SHS will be holding their annual Autumn Music Concerts on Friday 19th May 2017

Concert 1: 6pm - 7.30pm   

Concert 2: 8pm - 9.30pm

Supper will be available between the Concerts

The concerts will be featuring:

  • Concert Band 1
  • Scimitar String Orchestra
  • Senior Guitar Ensemble
  • Chamber Choir
  • Jazz Band

Cost is $10 per ticket

Please purchase tickets via the following link:   

Sign up to volunteer at the concert:

Venue:  Applecross SHS Performing Arts Centre (entrance off Ardessie St)



This is my third year at Applecross SHS and I am very impressed and enjoy working here. The staff and students are all so friendly and supportive.

I commenced my nursing career in 1976 at Western Australian School of Nursing (WASON) and had varied experiences at different hospitals during my nursing training. I did most of my practical experience at Royal Perth Hospital.

I went to Kalgoorlie Regional hospital for my first and third year in nursing training and thoroughly enjoyed my nursing adventure in the mining/gold town.   After my general training I returned to RPH as a graduate nurse and worked in various areas of the hospital and in the staff “Pool” which was mainly in the busy areas of the hospital. I worked between Emergency, Intensive Care and Coronary Care Units and enjoyed this part of nursing and almost did my Critical Nursing Degree, but chose Midwifery in 1981 at King Edward Memorial Hospital (KEMH). This was another enjoyable part of nursing which I loved! I delivered plenty of babies at KEMH and the eldest baby I delivered is 35 years old and she is my best friends daughter and I am her Godmother!

In 1982 I commenced work at Rockingham/Kwinana District hospital (RKDH) and worked between the Emergency and Maternity departments. This was a real eye opening experience for a new graduate midwife, as on my first shift on the Maternity ward at RKDH, I had three ladies in labour to look after and one of the ladies was ready to deliver her baby! Talk about sink or swim! Luckily I had the husbands supporting their wives which helped me to triage the deliveries!!  I did survive that shift and worked at the hospital for twelve years in-between having my two sons.  My eldest Son Scott was born in 1985 and followed soon in 1986 by my second son Jarrad.

In 1990 I was offered a job at RKDH to be the triage nurse in the Emergency Department and Maternity and worked part time 6pm – midnight.   I also assisted with the Immunisation program for the Town of Kwinana on a monthly basis.  In 1998 I was asked to join the Immunisation Team for the Peel Area to do the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) program offered to all primary school children.  I took secondment from the hospital for three months and enjoyed having weekends off and NO shift work.  The Immunisation Team that I was part of  immunised 12,000 students in three months.

In 1999 I was offered a job in Community Nursing and my first High School was Rockingham Senior High. This was a real challenge for a new community nurse but again I survived and continued with community nursing.  I worked at Rockingham for 6 years and thoroughly enjoyed the challenges that faced me as a community nurse.  The staff here were very hardworking, caring and supportive in their roles and a pleasure to work with.

In 2006, I applied for the job at Rossmoyne Senior High School and worked there for nine years and thoroughly enjoyed my time there also.  I commenced here at Applecross SHS in 2015 and am really enjoying working here with staff and students and thank you all for your support.

I am married and have 2 sons, 5 sisters, 10 nieces and nephews and 4 great nieces and nephews, my father passed away in 2014 at almost 90 and my mother is 85 alive and well and keeps us all busy! I enjoy catching up with my family, big circle of friends and relatives. My husband and I enjoy dancing, travelling and socialising.

What a fantastic opening night we had for High School Musical last night. The joy generated by the wonderful cast was palpable and the audience thoroughly enjoyed the show right down to the final curtain call. Tickets are still available….The show runs until Saturday night. Do yourselves a favour and go along!

Tickets can be purchased via or

More photos can be viewed on our Facebook page