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Important News

Important News

Health Centre News from Deb Kitak, School Nurse

Welcome to everyone at Applecross Senior High School and a big welcome to all our Year 7’s and any new students and families. I wish you all the very best for the year.

Canteen News

We have had the usual busy start to the year, with the new Year 7's excitedly getting to know our menu and the rest of the students welcoming back old favourites and discovering new ones.  There are new Dipping Boxes for $2.50, which includes chopped vegies and Turkish bread, along with Hommus or


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Important message for Year 12 Students doing their WACE Exams

Skills such as time management, fitness, a healthy diet, a positive study environment and stress management help teenagers to achieve their full potential during their schooling.  Healthy bodies make healthy minds.

An important part of study is staying physically active. Students who are fit, healthy and take part in physical activity perform better in the classroom. They are more goal-orientated and disciplined in their studies.  A healthy, balanced and varied diet also helps improve concentration, learning and memory.  Some snacks for study success include fruit smoothies, wholemeal crackers with peanut butter, pikelets made with mashed banana, rice cakes with tomato and cheese and fruit muffins.

You can visit Smart Eating and You at for more snack ideas.

Medication at School

Spring time is approaching and with this great weather comes allergies.  I have seen a few students this week with allergic symptoms: watery, itchy eyes, nose and throat, sneezing, etc. A reminder to students and parents/guardians, that I do not give medication e.g. antihistamines, eye drops, paracetamol etc.

Children who suffer allergies, hay fever should be seen by their doctor for the correct medication. If a child needs to take antihistamines for allergies I strongly recommend that these be given to your child before school and also that they are provided with a tablet to bring to school in case they need it.

Vision and eyes

Good vision is important for learning and quality of life. Watch for any of the following in your child;

  • Covering/closing one eye when reading;
  • Holding books very close;
  • Complaining of eyestrain or headache;
  • Complaining of double vision or blurred vision with reading or board viewing;
  • Complaining of words moving on a page;
  • Losing place when reading, or skipping words and lines;
  • Inattention or short attention span when reading, or;
  • Rubbing the eyes.

Please note: Medicare covers the cost of an eye examination.

If you have a concern about your child’s vision please contact a doctor, optometrist. 

How to keep your child safe online

Protecting your children from harm is just as important online as it is in the real world. As a parent or carer, you can play an important role in helping children have safe and positive experiences online.

The internet offers an exciting world of experiences for children and the whole family. It can be entertaining, educational and rewarding. However, using the internet also involves risks and challenges.

Children might be exposed to content that is sexually explicit, violent, prohibited or even illegal. They may also experience cyber bullying or be at risk from contact by strangers.

Children may - unknowingly or deliberately - share personal information without realising they may be subject to identity theft, or that they are leaving behind content that might not reflect well on them in the future.

Talk with your kids about the risks, and answer their questions or concerns about things they find on the Internet. For more information visit:


Deb Kitak, School Nurse

Today we held our Final Assembly for our Year 12 students. Congratulations to those students who won subject awards today. Congratulations also to our Year 12 Councillors for their tireless work around the school this year.

Subject Award Winners:

The Arts

Presented by Jodine McBride

Design Photography General

Gemma Stewart

Design Photography ATAR

Erika Nguyen

Visual Arts General

Amelia Widjaya

Visual Arts ATAR

Will Scott

Drama General

Charlotte Tobin

Music General

Kenta Yokote


Presented by Veronica Lake

Literature ATAR

Holly Hayne

English ATAR

Chelsea Tho

English General

Astor Carstairs

English as an Additional Language/Dialect ATAR

Zhi Hui On

Health & Physical Education

Presented by Ric Blaxell

Physical Education Studies ATAR

Lara Vujasinovic

Certificate II Sport and Recreation

Ellyse Wilson

Humanities and Social Sciences

Presented by Ben Kelly

Economics ATAR

Lauren Dwyer-Long

Geography ATAR

Wei-Wen Chong

Modern History ATAR

Ruby Farrow

Politics and Law ATAR

Samantha Cooke

Ancient History General

Courtney Marlborough

Ancient History ATAR

May Chen Huang


Presented by Susette Rose

French Second Language ATAR

Rachael McMahon

Japanese Second Language ATAR

Jessicca Khaw


Presented by Rob Nesa

Mathematics Specialist

Kenta Yokote

Mathematics Methods

Kenta Yokote

Mathematics Applications

Hannah Omori

Mathematics Essential

Lachlan Walker


Presented by Helen O’Dwyer

Biological Sciences

Cynthia Hsu

Human Biological Science

Chelsea Tho


Kenta Yokote


Kenta Yokote


Lauren Dwyer-Long

Certificate III Laboratory Skills

Kieran Hawks

Society of Engineers

Presented by Helen O’Dwyer and Rob Nesa


Kenta Yokote


Judie Joo


Vicki Cheah


Kitman Yeung


Katie Zhang


Jaicob Schott


Donaiya Wa Azaro


Presented by Darren Payton

Applied Information Technology General

Shota Morikawa

Accounting and Finance ATAR

Caitlyn Napier

Certificate III in Business

Will Scott

Certificate II in Business

Bronte Count

Certificate IV in Business

Fienne Sime

Institute -Chartered Accountants Outstanding Accounting

Caitlyn Napier

Certificate III in Engineering

Lucas Fraser

Certificate II in Visual Arts - Furnishing

Agustin Afur

Materials Design and Technology Metals - General

Luke Hemsley

Automotive Engineering and Technology - General

Herbert Sugiri

Food Science and Technology: Hospitality - General

Charlotte Tobin

Certificate II in Community Services

Joanna Lien

Vocational Education and Training / Careers

Presented by Angela Koios

Workplace Learning

Sebastian Holder

Career and Enterprise ATAR

Philia Ng

Career and Enterprise General

Paris Harbron


Applecross SHS took 108 students to the B Division Interschool Athletics Carnival on Tuesday 17 Oct and competed well to finish in 6th place out of 9 Schools. This result was a commendable achievement considering we were elevated from C Division last year. Finishing out of the bottom two places means that we will remain in B Division next year, where we hope to climb the rankings even further.

The students had a great time and we had a consistent team effort across the day.  We also had some outstanding individual and team performances which I would like to recognise, as follows:

  • Lilli Clark (Yr 11) won the Yr 11 and Over Champion Girl and won the Div A 200m, 400m and Long Jump

  • Josh Harrison (Yr 12) was Runner-up Yr 11 and Over Champion Boy

  • Neasa Flynn (Yr 10) was Runner-up Yr 11 and Over Champion Girl and won the Div A 100m, 200m, 400m

  • Minoo Kowalewski (Yr 11) and Luke O’Leary (Yr 9) each won two events

  • Yr 10 Girls 4 x 100m team were victorious

Well done to all the competitors, student officials and teachers for contributing to what was a successful and enjoyable day for all.

Ric Blaxell, Health & Physical Education HoLA

To view more photos, please go to our Facebook page.

Twelve Year 9 and 10 students participated in the Japanese Exchange this year. We departed on the 20th September and stayed for 11 days in Takarazuka, Hyogo, Japan. During our stay, the students enjoyed various activities such as cooking a Japanese meal, experiencing a Japanese tea ceremony and flower arranging. We visited the world heritage Himeji castle, had a day trip to Kyoto, and more! Students stayed at host families’ houses and experienced real Japanese life! Of course we visited a Japanese school, experienced Japanese school life, and made many friends!

We all were so sad to leave Japan. We made lots of unforgettable memories. Many students are already planning to go back to Japan to see their new friends again!

Ms Nishikawa, Japanese Language Teacher

Japanese Exchange 2017 Tour Leader


To view more photos, please go to our Facebook page.

Commencing Monday 16th October, the Applecross SHS Tennis courts will be unavailable for public use both during and after school hours.This is due to ongoing damage to the courts.

Thank you for your cooperation

Applecross Senior High School will be celebrating our 60th Year Anniversary in 2018.  If you, or a friend or family member, attended Applecross Senior High School in our inaugural year - 1958 - we would love to hear from you.  Please email Claire Watkinson at

Below we have attached a copy of the School Uniform List from approximately 1967, which was kindly donated by an ex-student now located in the United States.  It is an interesting read.


All the best to ex Applecross SHS Tennis students Josh Gliddon and Byron Sniffen, and ex Applecross SHS student Cody Hudson, who this week will embark on a bike ride from Melbourne to Perth in aid of raising funds towards curing brain cancer.  We wish them well in their journeys.

Last night we were fortunate to have Paul Dillon present to parents concerning about teenage alcohol and other drug use and parties. If you were not able to attend we have included a link below to his very informative and helpful PowerPoint presentation.
It is well worth having a look, to open discussion with your child about these issues.


Our Year 8 ICT classes recently had the opportunity to participate in the Bebras Computational Thinking Challenge. To solve the tasks, students were required to think in and about digital technologies, discrete structures, computation, data processing, and algorithmic concepts. All students were enthusiastic participants and congratulations go to Ayden Butler, Kaitlyn Browning and Ava Manason for achieving Distinctions in the challenge.

Dee Lewis, ICT Teaching and Learning Co-ordinator




The Year 11 Student Council organised a Boost Juice and Xpresso Coffee fundraiser today to raise funds for the Red Cross.

To view more photos, please go to our Facebook page.