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Important News

Important News

Health Centre News from Deb Kitak, School Nurse

Welcome to everyone at Applecross Senior High School and a big welcome to all our Year 7’s and any new students and families. I wish you all the very best for the year.

Canteen News

We have had the usual busy start to the year, with the new Year 7's excitedly getting to know our menu and the rest of the students welcoming back old favourites and discovering new ones.  There are new Dipping Boxes for $2.50, which includes chopped vegies and Turkish bread, along with Hommus or


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On the 1st of April the Year 12 cohort celebrated the highlight of the Year 12 school calendar, 'the school ball'.

Photography by:  3P Photography        View more photos on our Facebook page.


I would like to wish all students a happy, safe and restful holiday with their family and friends.

YEAR 8 IMMUNISATIONS The 2016 School based immunisation program (SBIP) for year 8 students will run over the four school terms. Students will be offered booster doses of diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough (dTpa), and chicken pox (varicella) vaccines if they have not previously received the vaccine or had the disease, and also a three dose course of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. The consent packs have been given to all year 8 students to give to parents early this term.  Parents please make sure you have signed and returned the consent form to the school. The Yr 8 Immunisation will take place here at the school in the health centre in term 2, first day back to school Wednesday 27th April 2016 and again (catch up) in Week 2, Wednesday 4thy May 2016.                                                                                   

WA Health recommends all year 8 students in Western Australia are immunised as part of the school-based immunisation program. Maintaining a high level of immunisation within our community is very important to controlling many communicable diseases.


This year I have introduced the “Traffic Light System “to all teaching staff to use in the classroom as the health centre was getting quite busy with non-urgent medical issues in class time.

I would like to share the traffic light system used at school with parents and students.

Educating staff to follow Traffic Light System, when students are feeling unwell or requesting to see the nurse in class time.

If a student is unwell, they are to be encouraged by teaching staff to access the nurse during break times, unless it is an emergency. Refer to Traffic Light System. Posters displayed in all classrooms.

Traffic Light System:

GREEN LIGHT (Non-Emergency) e.g Colds, hay fever, paper cuts, blisters, insect bites, minor grazes – some examples

AMBER (Non-Emergency) Vague abdominal pain, headaches, nausea, coughing, period pain, head lice – some examples

RED (Emergency) Severe asthma, seizures,, bleeding, anaphylaxis, severe trauma, severe burns, head injuries choking, diabetic collapse – some examples

When a student goes to the nurse, the nurse will then assess the student to either rest in the Health Centre for 30 minutes or for that period and return to class or go home. The nurse will phone/contact parents. Students are not allowed to phone/text parents directly to go home. Students need to follow the correct process whilst at school E.g. Students need to see the nurse at the Breaks (preferably) if unwell and the nurse will contact parents. Parents please support me in this.

 If nurse unavailable an Educational Assistant (EA) who has a first aid certificate will be working in the Health Centre

If students are leaving, the Nurse/EA will contact Student Services (SS) to advice a sick student is coming in to sign out and has parent authority.  Name of parent/guardian must be given to enter into Students Information Server/Academy for records.


Tell the school administration if your child has been prescribed an adrenaline autoinjector (i.e. EpiPen), has experienced anaphylaxis, has any changes in allergies, and/or any other health care needs that may affect anaphylaxis management.

Make sure your child carries an adrenaline autoinjector in their bag and replace the device before it expires.

Make sure your child knows how to use the adrenaline autoinjector. Show his or her friends, brothers and sisters if they are old enough to understand.

Provide an ASCIA Action Plan for Anaphylaxis completed and signed by your child’s doctor. Update the plan (including a photo of your child) when the adrenaline autoinjectors are renewed (usually every 12-18 months). Action Plans are available from Help the school to develop an Individual Health Care and Risk Minimisation Plan for your child.

Educate your child about how to avoid known allergens (triggers).    Remind your child to immediately tell someone if she/he feels sick whilst at school

DEODORANT SPRAYS - Reminder to parents and students that deodorant sprays are NOT allowed to be brought into school and used. If deodorant is needed at school please bring a roll on or pump pack.   Acute asthma attacks can be triggered off by deodorant sprays.     

If students are caught with a deodorant spray it will be confiscated and the student will be referred to attend the Health centre for some asthma education.   Parents can you please support me in this ongoing issue.

HEAD LICE  - Parents are reminded to please check your child’s hair frequently for head lice. Tips for preventing head lice.

Check your child’s hair regularly for head lice and eggs (‘nits’). Use a metal fine tooth ‘nit’ comb and plenty of hair conditioner applied to the dry hair, to make the task easier and more effective. To help children sit still for this, offer distracting activities, e.g. play a favourite video, provide games, encourage reading, offer a head massage                                                                                  

Tie long hair back. Braid long hair and/or put it up if possible.                                                                

Consider applying hair gel or mousse. These do not prevent or repel lice but may help to keep stray hair strands from contact with other heads.                                                                                             

Avoid sharing combs or brushes.                                                                                            

Remind your child to avoid head-to-head contact with other children, e.g. when working at the computer with others, or when playing, or hugging.                                                                   

If your child has head lice please notify their teacher.                                                                


MEDICATION - Parents and students are reminded that the nurse is NOT allowed to give panadol or other medication to students. Parents/Students are reminded that they can bring a dose of panadol to school to take if you have pain. E.g. Headache, period pain, toothache etc.

Deb Kitak - School Nurse

On Wednesday 6 April 100 year 7 students represented Applecross Senior High School at the South Coastal Region Carnival.  Nine teams participated across 4 sports with Girls Soccer winning A division, Boys Soccer winning A2 division and Netball also winning the A2 division.  Congratulations to all of our players.  A big thank you to our staff and senior students who assisted with coaching and umpiring on the day.


The team arrived to the competition a few players short but rallied well and won the first game decisively by 5 goals against Rossmoyne.  Unfortunately the next two games were lost by small margins and we finished in 3rd place.  There is definitely some talent to work with in this group of boys and I hope they stick together and work to improve over the school journey.


Both the boys and girls teams were in A division.  The boys finished a very credible 2nd and girls came in 4th.   As always the Applecross SHS players showed great sportsmanship and were a credit to the school.


The Netball teams enjoyed a fun filled and very successful day. Applecross SHS was represented by three teams in A2, B1 and C1 divisions respectively. The A2 team won all 5 games and won the division pennant, the B1 team fought hard in a competitive grade and finished the day 4th, while our third team, in C1, played with the spirit the carnival is all about and won the pennant with some very close results.  Congratulations to all girls for their efforts and great sportsmanship. A special thank you to the Year 10 umpires and coaches who took time out prior to the carnival to train the girls and on the day, guided them to a great outcome.


A Team – Second out of whole competition and First place winner in A2.

B Team – 5th Place in B1 division.

Teams worked really hard on the day where they met some tough competition. The B team presented some good sportsmanship and cooperation throughout the tournament and were unlucky not to come away with more goals. Their experience will undoubtedly aid their future tournaments. The A team played some brilliant and composed soccer and played like a well-oiled machine that had been together for a whole season. Numerous spectators were asking who they were and why they were so strong. They took away top spot in the A2 division, outmatching one of the special soccer schools. All the boys played a significant role in their victory, however, special mention to Sam Cook, Mike Brown and Declan Wong for their consistent hard work and pieces of individual brilliance. Congratulations to all those that participated on the day in both teams.


The soccer girls were in A Division and excelled winning the competition. With 3 wins and a draw the girls played extremely well as a team. In the grand final against Rossmoyne, Danielle Greaney saved some spectacular shots on goal to keep us in the game.  All the players put in a great effort and played with fantastic sportsmanship.

View more images on our Facebook page.

With the help of their teacher Ray Dickson, as well as other staff members, the Year 10 Academic Extension class was able to conduct an ANZAC Day Service on the last day of term. ANZAC Day this year is in the school holidays and so that is why the ceremony was held earlier than April 25th. It was a complex exercise involving the whole school as well as visiting members from the community including the Honorary Dean Nalder, the Member of the Legislative Assembly for this area as well as RSL members and our student members of cadet units.  Members of the class were able to practise their public speaking skills to an audience of 1500 people. Special mention needs to be made of the guest performer, Kim Bettenay and the Applecross Senior High School band who contributed to the ceremony with appropriate and respectful musical performances.  Thanks also to Mr Wilding who provided invaluable assistance with setting up of the sound system and the stage area.

A feature of the school’s commemorations were hundreds  the paper poppies in the quadrangle. Each of these contained information researched by an Applecross student about a soldier chosen by them who had served in the Australian Defence Forces at some time over the last hundred years. Mr Nalder commented very positively on the respect shown by our student body during the ceremony. Lest We Forget.

View more images on our Facebook page.

Applecross students celebrated World Poetry Day by contributing to a poetry wall in the library. The idea was to share poetry that was enjoyed by individuals. This included the work of students as well as popular poems from the literary canon. Students selected their chosen text and copied it onto posts its which were used to from the building blocks of a poetry wall. The lower school Academic Extension classes and Literature cases began the wall. It is still growing.

Veronica Lake, Head Of Learning Area English

Year 9 Humanities and Social Science Academic Extension students were extremely fortunate to have speakers associated with the upcoming LNG18 Natural Gas Conference come and speak to them about career opportunities in Australia’s natural gas industry. The day was organised by Penny James from the Education Department. We were also able to host students from a Year 10 Academic Extension class from Duncraig  Senior High School. The speakers included Veena Mendez from Chevron, Ed O’Halloran from the State Government, Justin Strharsky a young entrepreneur, Bill Townsend from Inpex and Clare Pope who is a corporate lawyer involved in the development big contracts in the industry. Each person gave an interesting talk about their careers. There was a wide variety of educational and work experience represented in the group. By speaking about diverse topics such as sailing as a crew member in nuclear submarines and being involved in the development of the first McDonald’s in Moscow, procuring helicopters and ships for gas companies, managing rock bands in Alaska and studying economics in Tasmania the speakers had the students very engaged. There was very positive feedback from the presenters about the quality of student questions afterwards. Thanks also to the canteen and Mr Leech for their role in helping this unique educational opportunity become a reality.

Brad Snell - Humanities and Social Sciences Teacher

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Child and Adolescent Community Health (CACH) recently launched the ‘Parent and Family Network’, an exciting new initiative to involve parents and carers in the planning and delivery of services.


The Parent and Family Network is an email network for parents and carers with children aged 0-18yrs in the Perth metro area, to provide ongoing input, ideas and feedback on our services (i.e. child health nurses, school health nurses, speech therapy, physiotherapy). All Network members will receive:

·       Bi-monthly e-bulletins

·       Invitations to share ideas and feedback on our services (i.e. surveys and focus groups).

·       Invitations to special Network member events

Parents/carers can join by registering directly online at  For further information please email

FREE courses for families, parents and carers in the community.  Click here to view Term 2 courses.

To book a place in a workshop please email:  

At Clan WA, we understand that every family is unique. We all have different circumstances, experiences, hopes and strengths. We all need a helping hand at times.

Our Parenting Workshops cover topics such as building resilience, growth & development from toddlerhood to adolescence, communicating more effectively with children, & dealing with challenging behaviours. 

Our Mental Health & Wellbeing Workshops are designed to equip you with useful information & practical skills for dealing with mental health issues.

If you are looking for opportunities for Professional Development, please refer to our website for further information


The Western Australian universities are delivering a Parent Information Session to help parents and students get prepared for university. Representatives from Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University, The University of Notre Dame and The University of Western Australia will be discussing information including:

  • Application requirements and alternative entry pathways
  • Fees and charges
  • Support services (academic and medical)
  • Scholarships

Please join us at Applecross Senior High School to have all of your questions answered.
When: Tuesday 14th June
Where: Auditorium
Time: 6.00pm - 6.30pm and 8.00pm - 8.30pm

The 2016-2017 Entertainment Book will be available soon. Your purchase of the book supports the Music Program at Applecross SHS.

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