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Important News

Important News

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Important message for Year 12 Students doing their WACE Exams


Year 12 Final Assembly

Today we held our Final Assembly for our Year 12 students. Congratulations to those students who won subject awards today.

Interschool Athletics Carnival News

Applecross SHS took 108 students to the B Division Interschool Athletics Carnival on Tuesday 17 Oct and competed well to finish in 6th place out of 9 Schools. This result was a commendable achievement considering we were elevated from C Division last year.


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Our Science Department has been busily preparing for Science Week, today's activities were:

Desalination and Water Security Presentation

Today as part of a suite of activities organised for National Science Week, Professor Wendel Ela from Murdoch University spoke to some of our Year 9 students about desalination and waters security for WA. The talk explored the issues associated with desalination and how we use water in our everyday lives.

Wind Turbines Presentation

Fiona and Faye from Murdoch University ran a wind turbine investigation with some of our Year 10 students as part of National Science Week. The students worked out which variables could be changed to get the maximum power output from their wind turbines.

Health of the Swan River Presentation

Our Year 10 Humanities and Social Sciences students are currently undertaking a geographical inquiry looking at the health of the Swan River.  As part of Science week, some students were fortunate enough to attend a presentation from Delphine Chabanne, a researcher at the Murdoch University Cetacean Research Unit.  She spoke to the students about her PhD and ongoing research of dolphins in the Swan River.  Students also heard about how professional research and citizen research can compliment each other.  The understandings about dolphins, their populations, health and behaviours gained through this co-operation between professional scientists and the citizens of Perth will hopefully have positive impacts for Perth’s dolphins in the future.  We are excited to see what kind of field work the students go on to complete themselves!

To view more photos, please go to our Facebook page.

Our Year 9 Academic Extension students from HASS and Science recently went on a camp to the Lions Village at Dryandra in the South West. Students were provided the opportunity to do field work for Science, as well as work on some Geography based work for HASS. A significant achievement by the students was planting 4000 shrubs as part of an effort to offset the greenhouse gases produced by the school. The highlight of the trip was when many of the students were able to observe the extremely rare numbat in the wild and visit Barna Mia, to view a variety of nocturnal marsupials. Students had a great time, as well as participating in a valuable learning experience. Thanks to Mrs Lancaster for organising this memorable experience as well as Mrs Loveday for accompanying the students. We also appreciate the work of Bruce Ivors and staff at Dryandra for their contributions.

Brad Snell, Year 9 HASS teacher

To view more photos, please go to our Facebook page

On Friday 28th July, the Music Department held it's two Winter Concerts featuring Concert Band 2, Cygnet String Orchestra and Junior Guitar Ensemble. Between these ensembles, we had guest acts by JJ Toh (Year 10), Selena Tan (Year 9), Karyn Djojo Dihardjo (Year 10), Callum Vukovich (Year 10), Emma Hulbert (Year 12) & Jaicob Schott (Year 12). Altogether, well over 100 performers showcased their skills and hard work to enthusiastic audiences. Congratulations to all the performers, and a big thank you to the volunteers who worked behind the scenes to make the Winter Concerts such a success.

To view more photos, please go to our Facebook page.

The Year 7 Students rocked the night away Wednesday night at the Year 7 Social.  165 students attended the social in the Performing Arts Centre, then braved the chilly weather for a pizza dinner in the staffroom!  It was like an episode of ‘So you think you can dance?’, as the Year 7’s showed their surprising and impressive dance skills.

Many thanks to all the students for their excellent behaviour and outgoing spirit on the night. Also, a special thanks to the staff who attended and made the night possible.

Ms Wadham- Year 7 Coordinator

This year Applecross Senior High School has decided to turn Science week into STEAM week so we can explore the 'Theme of Future Earth' in multiple ways. Throughout the week we will be hosting a number of guest presenters and enjoying a range of hands on activities.

In preparation for STEAM week some of our year 9 Art students have been working on art pieces that  contrast the horror of the impact of plastics on our natural environment with the beauty of the images themselves.

To view more artwork, please go to our Facebook page.

On Monday 7 August, the 23 players from our school's Scimitar String Orchestra performed at the Perth Concert Hall for an audience of over 1000 people. The concert is known as OPUS, an annual showcase of the best music-making in Western Australia's government schools, organised by Instrumental Music School Services. Tim Stapleton, Head of Music at Applecross SHS coordinated a combined schools string orchestra of 42 players, which we named the Camerata Strings. We were delighted to work with students from Willetton SHS (lead by Mark Tooby) and Kalamunda SHS (lead by Tashana Tweddle). The students worked together extremely well, formed new friendships and performed at an amazing standard!

To view more photos, please go to our Facebook page


Our Principal’s Morning Tea was held today to celebrate the outstanding academic results achieved during Semester One by a strong number of students.  One of our Alumni, Sandra Kerbler, gave an inspirational talk, motivating our students to follow their passions.  She was a strong advocate for the importance of hard work and study.    Sandra is a PhD student at UWA and shared her experiences in being selected to travel and study Science/Biology in Antarctica.  She is off to work in Germany for two years next month.

Well done to all AXSHS students involved.

Jenny Casserly, Head of Student Services

Year 9AE English classes were given the task to create a short film up to seven minutes in duration to be considered for the Tropfest Junior Competition for 2018. The Tropfest Signature Item for the Junior division is a rainbow.  Students in Mrs Stapleton’s and Ms Lake’s classes filmed and edited at the end of Term 2 and over the holidays to produce films of very high calibre. The classes then voted on the top two films in each class to be submitted to the Tropfest Competition later this year. Congratulations to all students who, through dedication, crafted some wonderful symbolic cinema. We wish them luck in the national competition.

A sample video from After The Rain by the group Storm of Colours can be viewed on our Facebook page.

Chris Raich, AE English Coordinator

Earlier in the year, all lower school HASS Academic Extension students entered the 2017 Australian Geography Competition. The students achieved some excellent results with a large number of Distinction and High Distinction certificates being handed out at year level assemblies and in class last week. On top of this, we also had two students gain some exceptional results. In Year 10, Lexie Latto performed in the top 1% of all students in Australia in this competition. In Year 8, Zachary Iskander both performed in the top 1% of all students in Australia and gained the top score in Western Australia for a Year 8 student. A big congratulations to these students, and all others who competed.

Ms Don, HASS Academic Extension Co-ordinator



Our Japanese Exchange visitors from the City of Takarazuka have returned home.  Students had the opportunity to share in learning activities and learn about each other's cultures.  AXSHS Japanese students are looking forward to visiting Takarazuka City later this year.

To view more photos, please go to our Facebook page.