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Important News

Important News

2019 ANZAC Service

Mr Dickson’s Year 10 HASS Academic Extension class were the chief organisers of this year’s ANZAC Service. Students were very respectful and this is great credit to all.


House Swimming Carnival Results - 2019

Applecross SHS held its House Swimming Carnival on Fri 1st March on what was a mild and comfortable day. The participation level was outstanding and there were some keenly contested races with exciting finishes and great individual and  team efforts.



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The male staff were the winners of today’s clash against the Year 12 students, the score being 10 teachers, 7 students. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s clash, when the female staff take on the female Year 12 students. Can the staff win a second time or will the girls get a chance to revenge this loss.




More photos can be found on our Facebook page.

On Tuesday 19th June nine enthusiastic Year 12 Chemistry students travelled to the Chemistry Precinct at Curtin University of Technology to compete in the 2018 RACI TITRATION STAKES.

The competition is designed to encourage students who enjoy Chemistry, particularly its practical side, to develop their skills and to reward those who attain a high level of proficiency. Every Secondary School in the state was invited to enter teams consisting of three members each.

Each team had two hours to complete four titrations, carry out all calculations and hand in result sheets. All of our teams performed well and competed successfully with a high degree of accuracy. Our top performing team just missed out on reaching the finals with results only 0.00159 mol/L different from the winning team’s! Congratulations to all participants.  


Rob Neumann - Science Teacher


Congratulations to Jackson Brace who recently achieved 1 Gold and 4 Silver at the Gerldaton Swimming Competition.


Congratulations to Brenton Bealing who has been selected to represent Western Australia in the 2018 Swimming Team. Brenton will be competing at the School Sport Australia National Championships in Hobart, Tasmania.


The Year 9 Netball Lightning Carnival was held on Wednesday 20th June at Frank Gibson Park. AXSHS had 3 teams participating in the competition.


The girls had a great day competing and the weather held out for them – we even got some sunshine in the afternoon.


The A team finished 6th in the very competitive A1 division and the B team finished 2nd in B1 division.


Congratulations to the C team – they were undefeated and WON the C division.


Thanks to the fantastic Year 10 helpers, they did a wonderful job coaching and umpiring throughout the day.


Mrs McKnight & Ms Doyle - Health & Physical Education Teacher



Over the past week our Year 12 Human Biology students have had the opportunity to visit the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research as part of the Biotechnology section of the course.


The day started with students completing an activity simulating the process called “Polymerase Chain Reaction” – which is when multiple copies of DNA can be produced from the smallest sample.


It was then off to a fully functional laboratory to prepare some DNA for a process called “Gel Electrphoresis” – used in identifying different DNA samples, and finally students were taken on a grand tour of the magnificent facility and shown many of the important medical research that is performed at the Harry Perkins Institute.


Robert Neumann - Science Teacher



More photos can be found on our Facebook page

The girls soccer carnival proved to be a success once again this year. The heavy fog that riddled the grounds soon lifted to allow fierce competition to take its place. Applecross SHS conceded just three goals against both specialist schools combined, proving to be tactically advanced, especially in defence. Leadership from Danielle and Charlotte Greaney along with some excellent structure in the back line from Kelly Hiles, saw the Applecross girls beat every other team in the A division. Jessie Ellis and Ainslee Carr spent weeks coaching the year 9 team into a cohesive unit which eventually took out the A2 Division prize once again.


Congratulations to all the girls involved on a fantastic achievement.


Robert Sciascia - Health & Physical Education Teacher


During a lesson in week 4, Miss Kim’s Year 9 class conducted their third lesson on Soil Science, where they ran soil moisture tests on the samples they had collected from Wireless Hill in Term One. Students worked in their groups through sets of activities, with an exciting booklet filled with probing questions to make them think.


The goal of the first activity was to choose a suitable piece of equipment to match the accurately measure the masses of soil samples. From a choice of: bathroom scale, top loading balance and a spring balance, students discussed the limit of reading and uncertainty of measurements of each to make their decision.


The second activity began with the students opening their bags of soil and filtering out the large particles, using sieves and trays. The filtered soil was then used to make the mass measurements, where students were given some time to discuss the importance of increasing reliability of results through replication. The triplicate samples of the soil that students weighed out were then placed in an oven at 105 °C overnight. On the following day, students then reweighed the samples to calculate how much water had evaporated overnight, and hence the moisture content of their original soil.


Students were also given the opportunity to  compare the soil moisture content of those from Wireless Hill, with the samples they had brought from their gardens at home. The results certainly made some students proud of the moist conditions of their own soil from home!


Miss Ji Hae Kim (Science Teacher)



More photos can be found on our Facebook page

Students are welcome to come along and do their own workout before starting school on Fridays.


Where:     Fitness Room

Day:         Every Friday (during the school term)

Time:        7.20am to 8.00am