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Important News

Important News

Congratulations Jaime Hunt

Congratulations to Jaime Hunt from Year 10 who was chosen after a very competitive process by UWA Fogarty Scholars to attend a four day Leadership Camp for Year 10 and 11 students in the October School Holidays.


New Laser Cutter in D&T

Our design and technology students have had the exciting opportunity to use our new digital laser cutter to design and produce some outstanding work.

Science/STEAM Week

Applecross SHS were lucky to have a number of student ambassadors from Murdoch University visit us to help give our students a hands on STEAM experience in school this week.


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The Year 12 boys who have been involved with the school AFL team played their final game yesterday. They did get within four points of Willetton Senior High School midway through the last half, but could not quite manage to win. Well done to Mr Regan for coaching the team. It was great to see the team spirit continue during the bus journey home, where there was a rendition of the team song despite the loss.

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The Autumn Concerts held recently were a great success.  All students are to be commended for their enthusiasm and wonderful performances.

Thanks to the Music Support Committee for their work throughout the evening.  Also thanks to parent, Mr Victor Yong, for his photography work at the event.

Tim Stapleton, Head of Music

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Year 10 students from Applecross Senior High School visited Curtin University recently as part of their preparation for thinking about their choices for Year 11 subjects. Students participated in activities like “Race Around the Campus” and talks by Curtin students and lecturers. Students were also able to participate in workshops according to their interests. Students do need to start thinking about their choices for next year. There will be a Year 10 Parents Information evening on June 13th and students should also look out for information about individual course counselling over the next few weeks.

Brad Snell, Year 10 Co-ordinator

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Congratulations to Mr Regan and the Upper School Boys AFL team. They were short on numbers for their game against Corpus Christi yesterday, but as always, they did their best to represent the school in a positive way. While they struggle a bit on the scoreboard, the joy when they play is really encouraging. They have one more game to go and I am sure there would be no-one happier than Mr Regan if they were to put in a competitive showing against his old school Willetton. While the aim of the team is to have fun, it is worth noting that one of last year’s players Trent Newton is now in East Fremantle Colts and another former player Alex Howson was on the Dockers list and is now part of the East Fremantle WAFL League team.

B Snell, Year 10 Co-ordinator (and goal umpire)

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46 students from Academic Extension and Pathway 1 Year 10 classes spent the day at Murdoch University yesterday, being metallurgists for the day.  They took part in practical, hands on chemistry, experienced sampling and statistical analysis techniques, as well as attended a lecture.

A fun, educational and inspiring day was had by all.

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Aniela Wooldridge, Science Teacher

Under the partnership of the Memorandum of Understanding between Applecross SHS and Murdoch University, we currently host two Computer Science students in our Software Development class each week. Maddy Topaz and Anna Whitcher are both highly skilled software developers who joined our class of Year 10 students in Term 1. These students come to one lesson each week to share their love of C# (C Sharp) and online gaming and to upskill both the classroom teacher, Ms Reed, and the students.  Students have been learning how to code in C# as Maddy and Anna take them through coding basics and introduce them to the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) of Visual Studio.  We have progressed to debugging an existing game and the students are eager to create their own programs.

The assessed work will be based on the Software Development Life Cycle. Each group will document their programs using the diagrams and models in the Life Cycle. In this way we are teaching students not just how to code, but how to disassemble problems and to plan, solve and document the solutions in a structured manner.  The classes are very hands on and interactive and the feedback from students has been positive. Murdoch academics have committed to this program as a leadership opportunity for their students and have requested that the mentoring be an ongoing arrangement.

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Last week some of the Year 8 HASS classes were lucky enough to have Joanna Tyler from UWA come out to speak with them. The students have just begun looking at the Black Death and its impacts on Medieval Europe. As part of the Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions, the workshop looked at the emotional responses people had to the Black Death in the 14th Century. Students heard from Joanna and undertook a variety of activities working with primary and secondary sources. They saw how experiences of the plague varied for people of different social, religious and economic backgrounds. The topic generated some really interesting discussion. One of the more interesting questions of the day came from the students. How would our society react today if there was an outbreak of the Bubonic Plague and would we have the same level of panic as was experienced in the Middle Ages?

Cassy Don, HASS Teacher


The fourth round of WADL debating occurred on Wednesday 31st May.  The Year 7 team remains undefeated.  They won convincingly with a fantastic rebuttal from their third speaker. This time they were debating that religious activities should be banned to children under 18- as the negative team. The Year 8 teams also had this topic. The opposition for one Year 8 team had declared a forfeit and the other teams came away the victors. The Year 9 teams have postponed their debate.  The Year 11 team had to forfeit due to their exams.

A big thank you to all team members, teachers who facilitate these debates, and the supportive families. We have even had younger siblings taking on the role of chairperson on the night and team members from one group stepping in for other teams.

Chris Raich, AE Coordinator

The current 2016/17 Entertainment book expires on 1 June 2017.  The new 2017/18 Entertainment Book is available for sale, enabling you to enjoy a variety of great offers. Your purchase of the book supports the Gifted and Talented Visual Art Program at Applecross Senior High School.

To order, please go to:

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Thank you for your support.

Special Art Committee

Today our Year 7 Academic Extension Mathematics students learnt how to code and program robots with help from Scitech.  During the incursion they learnt how to code and use the Lego Mindstorm program.  Using their knowledge of angles and trigonometry, they programmed the robot to travel down a maze.  The Year 8, 9 and 10 Academic Extension mathematics students will also participate in this incursion.

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