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Important News

Important News

Have Sum Fun

Our talented Mathematics students had the opportunity to pit their wits against students from many other schools in the state on two Friday nights in March.  The Upper School team was at Trinity College on March 10 and performed well against very competitive opposition.


New Shade Structure

It is wonderful to see the new shade structure connecting the Art Block to S Block has finally been completed.  Student seating has been moved to this area and the handball courts will be relocated.

Young Entrepreneur Program

The 'Young Entrepreneur Program' is a new weekly program that will provide students skills in Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

YEP will be offered to students at Applecross SHS for FREE in 2017. From next year there will be a cost attached.


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Music Program

Applecross Senior High School allows students to take their instrumental studies to the next level.  Our program encourages students to enjoy making music through engaging fully in the practical and theoretical aspects of this subject.  Our values include: creativity, cooperation, commitment, innovation and personal best.

The program is a three-part package, which consists of:

•             Class Music elective

•             Instrumental lessons

•             Ensemble membership

An overview of the Music Program can be found on the school website -

An important definition:  Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS) is the Department of Education’s instrumental lesson program available in most government schools throughout Western Australia. You may know of it as ‘SIM’ or ‘SIMS’.


Eligibility for the Music Program

There are three ways to be eligible for Music at Applecross Senior High School:

•             Continue your IMSS instrument from primary school

•             Continue a privately taught instrument – please see Ensembles list below.

•             Participate in the IMSS Beginner Instrument Program (see below)


How to Enrol in the Music Program

The Subject Request Form found in the Enrolment Pack has a Music section that must be completed to ensure your child is allocated the Class Music elective on their timetable.

Please Note: Music is not a way to gain entry into Applecross Senior High School. 



There are four ensembles in which Year 7 students typically participate:

•             Concert Band 2 (flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, euphonium &


•             Cygnet String Orchestra (violin, viola, cello & double bass)

•             Junior Guitar Ensemble (for classical guitar only)

•             Chamber Choir (for vocal students…other keen Music students are also




Typically, Year 7 students perform in the following ensemble events:

•             Winter Concert

•             WA Schools’ Festivals

•             ‘Under the Stars’ end of year picnic concert

There are also opportunities for students to be involved in solo and small group performances throughout the year.


Class Music - Yearl Long Course

This is an elective which runs for both semesters and consists of two one-hour lessons per week on the timetable.

For a description of the elective, please view the Year 7 Subject Selection Handbook available at:


IMSS Beginner Instrument Program

The following instruments offered as part of this program are: low brass (trombone & euphonium), percussion, saxophone and voice.  The Musical Aptitude Indicator (MAI) testing for 2017 will commence in Term 3.

For more general information about the IMSS selection process and the commitment required from students, use the following link:

Please note: IMSS does not normally allow students to change instruments.


For further information, please contact the Head of Music:- Mr Tim Stapleton      Phone: (08) 9314 9393

Further IMSS information can be found via the following link.


Instrumental & Ensemble Music

High quality in music making in a wide variety of styles is a priority at Applecross Senior High School. Our music program involves over 200 students each year being taught by 10 staff from Instrumental Music School Services (IMSS) teaching most of the instruments available in the WA Government School system.


     The school has eight ensembles:

     Concert Band 1 & Concert Band 2

     Junior & Senior Guitar Ensembles

     Cygnet & Scimitar String Orchestra

     Chamber Choir

     Jazz Band



There are a variety of performing opportunities throughout the year which are a wonderful opportunity for our students to showcase their skills to family and the wider school commuinity in a professinal environment.

As well as concerts the Music Department regularly enters ensembles into the following festivals;

WA Schools' Concert Band Festival

WA Schools' Orchestra Festival

WA Classical Guitar Ensemble Festival

WA Government Secondary Schools Choral Festival

Solo Vocal Festival

WA Schools' Jazz Festival

Contemporary Music Ensemble Festival

Our ensembles consistently achieve high results in these festivals, due to the professionalism of our conducting staff and the hard work undertaken by the students.



Lower School: Class Music is an integral and compulsory component of each student’s musical training from Years 7-10. Throughout lower school, students develop skills in listening awareness and music theory. They also express themselves through composition and arrangement activities, as well as gaining an understanding of what makes us listen to and enjoy music of different eras, cultures and styles. Practical music-making activities are integral to all music courses.

Upper School:  We offer the Music General course, which allows us the flexibility to meet a wide range of needs and interests, including those seeking a pathway to tertiary studies in music. The endorsed unit Instrumental and Ensemble Music (PIMS) is also offered.