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Important News

Important News

Year 12 Final and Awards Assembly

Yesterday we held our Final Assembly for our Year 12 students. Congratulations to those students who won subject awards today. Congratulations also to our Year 12 Councillors for their tireless work around the school this year.

Subject Award Winners

2019 ANZAC Service

Mr Dickson’s Year 10 HASS Academic Extension class were the chief organisers of this year’s ANZAC Service. Students were very respectful and this is great credit to all.


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Deputy Principals

Deputy Principal - Years 10 to 12

Mr Rex Lilleyman

Years 10-12 are exciting, challenging and, on occasion, daunting years for students and parents. It is the role of the staff at the school to support students and parents in navigating their way through the important decisions that need to be made over this period. Our goal is for students to leave Applecross Senior High School having been exposed to a range of appropriate and motivating choices and opportunities.


The research clearly shows that success in Senior School is not entirely linked to a student’s IQ. Researchers have identified ‘grit’ as being the key determining factor in whether individuals will achieve success in any given situation. Parents play a crucial role in supporting students to develop ‘grit’. Together with staff, parents can encourage students to be accountable for their decision-making and for their own performance. We believe in creating a learning environment that supports and nurtures students while encouraging them to develop a growth mindset and a willingness to embrace challenges.


School staff actively encourage students to take responsibility for communication with staff, meeting deadlines and, for many of our students, engaging in the workplace. This period of preparation for life after secondary education is vital in establishing positive habits and behaviours. At Applecross we believe in preparing students to succeed in life – not just in their exams.


Deputy Principal - Years 7 to 9

Mr Paul Currie

In my role as Deputy Principal of the lower school at Applecross SHS,I have oversight on the social emotion and academic growth for students in years 7 to 9. In order to achieve this I work closely with a large team of student services and curriculum leaders ensuring that every child’s developmental needs are met. To achieve this I attend regular Student Services meetings at which students at risk are monitored by the team. I am also a key member of the Whole School Literacy and ICT committees, ensuring that teachers actively engage in developing the General Capabilities of the West Australian Curriculum, particularly focussing on preparing students for NAPLAN in Years 7 and 9.


I am tasked with the responsibility of ensuring every student in lower school feels safe and happy at Applecross Senior High School. Our team has a strong understanding of the young adolescent phase of learning and we work hard to ensure a smooth seamless transition into and out of lower school. Students will develop very strong skills to prepare them for upper school with the capacity to focus on their appropriate pathway, study effectively and respond positively to teacher and Student Services feedback. The big challenge for parents and teachers is to work together to ensure our lower school students become skilled in self-management. Our attention to Positive Education in identifying and building on the strengths of each individual is a key ingredient in the success that Applecross SHS enjoys.


I look forward to having very positive relationships with parents. I intend to establish these through parent information evenings, year group events such as the Year 7 and Year 8 barbecue, parent and teacher interview sessions and also through email and telephone. I believe that for any child to reach their potential in their schooling, we must have a strong and positive relationship with their parents. Therefore, I will be working with many parent focus groups to develop confidence and build positive relationships.


Meet the Deputy Principal – Planning & Human Resources

Ms Glenys Campbell

My role primarily relates to the teaching staff and such things as the construction of the annual timetable to ensure that resources are used efficiently and equitably with good outcomes for all of our students. As you will understand, with 1400+ students across six year groups, and over 100 teachers, there is a lot to be done “behind the scenes” to ensure that students’ learning programs are scheduled effectively. My daily interaction with students therefore tends to be less than that of my two Deputy Principal colleagues. With teachers as the school’s most important and costly resource, there is a lot to do, both physically and in terms of compliance and accountability, to ensure that this resource is well managed.


For me the second half of each year is primarily devoted to preparations for the following year in terms of organising the timetable, recruiting staff and managing leave. Whenever possible I aim to support teachers so that they are given the best opportunity to work effectively in their classes.


With a large group of recent graduate teachers at Applecross, I have the pleasure of working with many young teachers who are in their first few years of teaching practice. The generally aging demographic, amongst the teaching profession, means that it is imperative that we support and encourage this next generation of educators. It is wonderful to be in the position to offer young teachers such a good start to their teaching career, at a school like Applecross. They can share their knowledge of contemporary pedagogy and effective use of IT while still finding a lot they can learn from their more experienced colleagues.


We are lucky to have a balance between youth and experience and to remain a school of choice for teachers.


I have a keen interest in one of our school priorities: High Quality Teaching and Learning and enjoy my work with our Teacher Development Coordinator. We know that the quality of teaching has a significant impact on student learning and all our teachers at Applecross are engaging in professional learning and practices that support their development and expertise.